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Bei manchen greift # die Lunge an, bei den Meisten den Kopf...

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Wann fing das eigentlich an..?

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Ejecutando Windows 1 de 1985 en el año 2020 . Sobre GNU+Linux y utilizando para ello software libre

35 años hace que salió Micro$oft Windows 1 a la venta. No era un sistema operativo en si mismo, se ejecutaba sobre MS-DOS del que data su primera versión en 1981.



wealth distribution is more and more slanting, young guys are more and more dissatisfied with old people
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 <p>*sigh* is anyone

*sigh* is anyone in the eastern US able & willing to recap an # 1200? I've planned on mailing it out to Acill for years now but, is he seriously the only person in the US? #

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Ah ben tiens je me posais la question lol



If only more people did that

Fuck bezos
Buy local on the web too!

Cute gif :)


Schildkrötenbabys schafften den Weg in die Weltmeere

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gracias @lorenzo :)
De nada @Gines Capote es un placer :)