If #Facebook is now thinking about paid accounts without ads, then it‘s just that: no ads! But it doesn‘t mean that it is not selling your data the same way it does with free accounts. Protect your #privacy, #DeleteFacebook & join the #federation/ #Fediverse! #friendica #hubzilla
Das heisst aber nicht, dass FB die Daten nicht auch insofern fuer zahlende Kunden "verkauft" als dass sie dann zwar nicht direkt Werbung angezeigt bekommen, aber die User dann trotzdem an den Werbetreibenden gemeldet werden, der dann daraufhin auf externen Seiten entsprechend zielgerichtet Werbung anzeigen kann. Nur eben nicht direkt auf FB.
Ich denke, wenn FB Geld machen kann, werden sie es auf alle erdenklichen Wege versuchen. Ist per se nicht verwerflich, sollte man sich aber im Klaren drueber sein.
Jo, für solche Fälle wird FB wohl im Browser einen extra Cookie setzen und die Werbeagentur kennt die entsprechenden Codes in den Cookies

If you want to #deletefacebook or #DeleteGoogle you might want to try out Hubzilla on

For those german-speaking people that want to #deletefacebook #degoogle here are some fresh Tutorials for #friendica to get started:

If you still want to #degoogle or #DeleteFacebook and looking for alternatives, have a look at - a great looking site that explains your options very neatly. Just be aware that #Friendica and #Hubzilla are federating with all others (most connected)
Nice! I wonder why MediaGoblin hasn't joined the party yet?

Who wants to be user #2 on my new #Hubzilla hub? Just browse to and get started!

#DeleteFacebook #SocialMedia #Fediverse
Ok, 3 new users in the last hours have registered, but none have logged in so far.

Well, two of them have delivery issues:
- 1x Insufficient system storage
- 1x Connection timed out

Beside of my #Friendica node on I’ve set up a new #Hubzilla hub on to offer even more choices for those users that did already or want to #DeleteFacebook. New users are welcome! :-)
I want to know what is the difference between Hubzilla and Friendica orz
Difficult to say as my #Friendica installation is from 2013 or so and my #Hubzilla installation is from last night, so I haven't figured out all the differences yet.

I think the GUI is more modern in Hubzilla. The ease of adding media files is better with Hubzilla and you have more features such as an integrated Wiki, "Cloud" (Webdav), and others.

Many settings and addons seem to be identical for both systems. Or in other words: they both seem to share some significant amount of source code.

#Friendica appears to me more robust to me at this stage. Another positive for #Hubzilla is that it supports PostgreSQL as a database, which is my preferred DBMS. My impression is at the moment as well is that #Hubzilla page load times are faster than with #Nerdica. Maybe 0.5 to 2 secs faster, depending on the content, but this can be caused by the tiny size of #Hubzilla at the moment (150 MB vs 6.4 GB #Friendica).

In the end, I think it is more or less a matter of personal preference.

For all of those that are fed up by how #facebook is dealing with their data and want to #deletefacebook because of #CambridgeAnalytica : there are alternatives like or or - more info:

It appears that some people are trying to #deletefacebook and are looking for alternatives like #Friendica, #diaspora etc.

You are welcome!
If looking for a public server, have a look at or
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