Excited to see a way out of Facebook
I have been waiting for a long time to find an alternative to Facebook lock in. I just want a place I can use to talk to family and connections. This certainly seems promising. The network effect will take a long time to kick in...

Und noch was zum genießen....

Wecker & Wader

An einem Sommerabend 2001

"Ladeeffizienz von vertikalen"

Aus der Amazon Beschreibung eines #Hybrid #Ladereglers fuer Wind/Solar:

Unabhängige Boost-Schaltung: gelöst die Ladeeffizienz von vertikalen wird der Energiespar Wind Generator.

Alles klar? ;-)


Nach dieser unfassbaren Farce heute, gibt es um 20h auf dem #Marienplatz in #München eine Demo zur Forderung des sofortigen Rücktritts von #Maaßen und #Seehofer
Jetzt heisst es spontan zu mobilisieren was geht <3

#muc1809 #sharingiscaring #ausgehetzt #whoopwhoop

Hubzilla Hub?

Oh well... I've started my Hubzilla hub on some months ago and I'm already the 7th largest Hubzilla hub according to:

Some weeks ago I also started my Mastodon instance on which is still quite small.

But somehow Hubzilla seems to be a little awkward or strange in my eyes. For a public hub some features are missing in my eyes. For example a user quota for uploaded files. I do miss that feature in Friendica as well, but the situation in Hubzilla is worse, because you can also enable generic websites, WebDAV, generic Files etc. in Hubzilla. It's more like "one size fits all" approach. If you don't have Nextcloud, you can use Hubzilla. If you don't have a blog, you can use Hubzilla. etc.

But I never got really warm with Hubzilla. One main advantage in my eyes is that it can run on PostgreSQL as a database.
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Kris diaspora
Try Osada : it is powerfull like hubzilla and much more light and user friendly.

Japan, Norwegen und Island sind Walfangstaaten, die immer wieder darauf drängen, dass Wale gejagt werden dürfen. bzw fangen Wale illegal. Irgendwie wird das immer wieder vergessen.

Kein neues Schutzgebiet für Wale
Ein neues Walschutzgebiet im Südatlantik wird es vorerst nicht geben. Die Walfangstaaten Japan, Norwegen und Island blockieren die Initiative. Sie fordern zudem die Freigabe des kommerziellen Walfangs.
#Japan #Norwegen #Island #Wale #Tierschutz #Umwelt

Initiative gegen Totalüberwachung e.V. lädt ein zum Vortrag von Prof. Dr. Dr. Udo Di Fabio zum automatisierten Fahren am 22.10.18 in Köln

Haters in the Fediverse and how to deal with them?

Yesterday evening I stumbled across this post of Wil Wheaton on my Mastodon instance:

See the thread and the comments of this.

In the first place I trust people, no matter who she or he is, that that person is telling the truth unless the opposite is proven. I know, that's sometimes silly.
So I believe Wil that he did nothing that caused others to complain about him, because I haven't read those postings myself. But what I could read in the comments was some sort of haters that gonna hate no matter what the other side is saying.

Maybe some other fellows do have a deeper inside of this story, until then the presumption of innocence stays valid, even for celebrities.

My question in the first place is:
how should we deal with this kind of issues? From my history of being a sysop of a BBS in the 90s, being a forum moderator in the 2000s and through all the decades as an channel op in several IRC channels, even larger ones, I do have bad feel... Show more...
#Friendica (x) #haters (x) #hubzilla (x) #mastodon (x)
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simply block them (if you're feeling bored, you can try and talk to them first). if they're somewhat okay-ish, block them from your personal stream. if you don't want their content on your server, block them on your entire instance. if they're spreading illegal stuff, block them from your instance and inform their admin.
yeah, exactly this happened to Wil in that case. At least that's how he has descibed the problem. So, the issue is not about blocking random people that misbehaves, but how to deal with a group complaining about an user of your node/hub/instance where you cannot find anything bad from him. Will you give after all those complaints that just need to aim to kick a specific user out, or will you stand with your users and ignore those complaints?
i doubt there are rules for that. so .. do whatever feels right for you?

Hey @Nextclouders! About that new Simple Signon thing: how about a way of using DNS SRV records for mail addresses to automatically find „your“ server?

. @Kachelmannwettr - was ist eigentlich aus dem „Azoren Hoch“ geworden? In den 80/90ern hiess es beim Wetter immer „Das Azoren-Hoch verlagert sich…“, aber seit Jahren ist von den Azoren eigentlich gar nicht mehr die Rede…

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