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Dear #Gplus users,

in some weeks #Google will shut down #GooglePlus.
Have you already looked into alternatives such as #Friendica or #Mastodon?
If not, you maybe to have a look at it on (Friendica) or (Mastodon)!

See you there!


Hubzilla on Silverhaze.EU gone

Already announced months ago (so that the users had enough time to migrate) I've now shutdown my #Hubzilla hub running on Silverhaze.EU:

server:~# a2dissite
Site disabled.
To activate the new configuration, you need to run:
  service apache2 reload
server:~# service apache2 reload
[ ok ] Reloading Apache httpd web server: apache2.
postgres@server:~$ dropdb hubzilla

Hubzilla was a nice thing to try out, but I don't think that I've gained much benefit of this, because I also have #Friendica node running for years and a #Mastodon instance running for some time now.
Hubzilla is a nice software for what it is: a complete set of web applications. When you only want to have some kind of social web for the #... show more

@Ingo Jürgensmann yeah, postgres on Friendica is something we really have to address. And the thing with the channels does need some frontend work.

@Michael Vogel - when you have something to test feel free... I would volunteer to setup another node and do some tests... Migrating from MySQL would be nice as well, but I think that would be really a complex task. ;-)

It's a task that has to be prepared very well - and I guess we can finally address this, when we have changed all database calls - which will last some time.

Maybe I can help with some SQL queries then...

Top of the pop would be to have an abstraction layer where you can switch between databases and that keeps both in sync... that way everyone could decide which DBMS to use, but that's a crazy idea of course... would be a nice task for some students for GSOC or so ;)

This here is our abstraction layer: - we just have to convert all the old calls to the new ones from this class.

You can use this invite code: to join #Mastodon on

Here’s a #Mastodon invite for those willing to move away from #Twitter:

@ij you can find me @Photor


#Friendica vs #Hubzilla vs #Mastodon

I've been running a #Friendica node for several years now. Some months ago I also started to run a #Hubzilla hub as well. Some days ago I also installed #Mastodon on a virtual machine, because there was so much hype about Mastodon in the last days due to some changes Twitter made in regards of 3rd party clients.

All of those social networks do have their own focus:

Friendica: basically can connect to all other social networks, which is quite nice because there exists historically two different worlds: the Federation (Diaspora, Socialhome) and the Fediverse (GnuSocial, Mastodon, postActiv, Pleroma). Only Friendica and Hubzilla can federate with both: Federation and Fediverse.
Friendicas look&feel appears sometimes a little bit outdated and old, but it works very well and reliable.

Hubzilla: is the second pla... show more
#Friendica #Hubzilla #Mastodon #Friendica #hubzilla #mastodon
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What are those Android clients you quoted? Thank you.

Hmmm... you mean Friendica Android clients? As I don't have Android, I don't give any advises or comment on what's available.
Maybe you should ask !Friendica Support for this...

I asked because of that part:
- Friendica: MySQL/MariaDB, PHP on the server, Clients: some Android clients

What are those Android clients you quoted? Thank you.

Kleine Übersicht über meine #SocialMedia Instanzen laut :
- #Friendica auf : drittgrößter Node insgesamt nach active monthly user
- #Hubzilla auf auf Platz 7
- #Mastodon auf nur 2 User

So, bei diesem #Mastodon Hype konnte ich auch nicht widerstehen und hab mir das Zeugs mal installiert: falls noch jemand Interesse hat und falls mich jemand da hinzufuegen moechte:

"Offizielle" Accounts
Damit alle, die #neuhier sind auch mal etwas in ihrem Stream zu sehen bekommen, ist hier mal eine Übersicht über "offizielle" Präsenzen von Institutionen, Bloggern usw. im #fediverse. Das soll jetzt mal
... show more

Ich hätte auf jeden Fall noch, die "Katholische Kirchengemeinde St. Bonifatius Wiesbaden".
(Die hatten mal was zu #foodsharing gepostet.)
Gibt es den nicht mehr im Original? Ich kann ihn zumindest bei (von Diaspora aus) nicht sehen.
Doch, gibt es und dein Kommentar ist auch angekommen. Keine Ahnung, warum Du ihn nicht sehen kannst. Die Föderation von Friendica-Foren in Richtung Diaspora ist wohl noch nicht ganz zuverlässig ...

Another push for decentralized networks such as #Friendica, #Diaspora or #Mastodon?