Spiegel Online reports about @peteraltmaier intending to speak with protesters of @GretaThunberg’s #FridayForFuture activists in Berlin.
Although this is a nice move, it’s an obvious move of embrace & extinct, IMHO. See last paragraph:

Spiegel Online über @GretaThunberg :…

„Die 16-jährige Greta Thunberg zeigte den Managern in Davos, wie Nachhaltigkeit geht: Mit dem Zug reiste die Schwedin aus ihrer Heimat an Fahrtzeit hin und zurück: mehr als 60 Stunden. […]“


Hmmm, vor 1h ne Mail an die AKV ML geschrieben und bisher kam die bei mir nicht ueber den Verteiler.

Haengt die ML?

// @digitalcourage

Dear #Gplus users,

in some weeks #Google will shut down #GooglePlus.
Have you already looked into alternatives such as #Friendica or #Mastodon?
If not, you maybe to have a look at it on (Friendica) or (Mastodon)!

See you there!

aktuelles Statement von Greta Thunberg

Ich bin nur ein Bote, und doch bekomme ich all diesen Hass. Ich sage nichts Neues, ich sage nur, was Wissenschaftler seit Jahrzehnten immer wieder gesagt haben. Und ich stimme Euch zu, ich bin zu jung, um das zu tun. Wir Kinder sollten das nicht tun müssen. Aber da fast niemand etwas tut und unsere Zukunft in Gefahr ist, haben wir das Gefühl, dass wi

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Mal wieder für euch freigeschaltet: Rico Grimm von #Krautreporter zu den Angriffen auf Greta #Thunberg und den #Klimaschutz:

Basically the same also applies for Friendica and Mastodon:

Your name in diaspora\*

It occurred to me that most of the people who have come to diaspora\* from G+ are using their real names.

Some of you might not know that you don't have to use your real name in diaspora*. You can call yourself anything you want to. Indeed, you can be whoever you want in diaspora*. There's no need to reveal anything about yourself that you don't want to.

If you want to be a witty gecko or a highly intelligent aspidistra, you can!

Of course, if you want to 'be' yourself, and use your real name, that's fine too. But you're not restricted in that way.

Have fun!

#diaspora #gplus #gplusrefugee

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IPv6 Traffic

I've been running IPv6 for quite some time now. Maybe a decade or so.
In the beginning I was using an IPv6 tunnel provided by SiXXs, but for some years now I have a native IPv6 /48 subnet.
Some years ago Deutsche Telekom activated #IPv6 for their DSL customers. This boosted IPv6 traffic in Germany. But there is room for improvement as shown in this network graph to my webserver:

#IPv6 IPv6 Network Server Traffic

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My initial comment was based on a mistaken idea that you were using SSD's. My apologies. Have you already ruled out fragmentation? For spinning disks, fragmentation always causes poor disk performance. Since you have striping, it may be that all the seek times are attributed by the io subsystem to sda. The driver initiates reads simultaneously on all 4 disks, then waits until the seek is complete to start reading. But it always starts with sda. By the time the read from sda is complete, sdb-sdd have completed their seeks so there is no further delay. This is pure speculation as I am not a kernel developer. But it makes some sense, logically.
Seems as if the disk needs to be exchanged:

Num  Test_Description    Status                  Remaining  LifeTime(hours)  LBA_of_first_error
# 1  Extended offline    Completed: read failure       90%     50113         60067424
Mckenzie Keith doesn't like this.

it suddenly occurs to me that the push to abandon the 3.5mm audio jack could, in part, be an effort to close the analog hole.
Right now, you can take any device with a headphone jack, plug it into a laptop with a microphone jack via a plug-to-plug audio cable, and obtain a decent-quality DRM-free reproduction no matter how encumbered the source file or player happens to be.

Frohes Fest / Merry Xmas

To all users in the fediverse and around the world: have a nice days with your families and all the best wishes, especially to stay healthy everyone!


Hubzilla on Silverhaze.EU gone

Already announced months ago (so that the users had enough time to migrate) I've now shutdown my #Hubzilla hub running on Silverhaze.EU:

server:~# a2dissite
Site disabled.
To activate the new configuration, you need to run:
  service apache2 reload
server:~# service apache2 reload
[ ok ] Reloading Apache httpd web server: apache2.
postgres@server:~$ dropdb hubzilla

Hubzilla was a nice thing to try out, but I don't think that I've gained much benefit of this, because I also have #Friendica node running for years and a #Mastodon instance running for some time now.
Hubzilla is a nice software for what it is: a complete set of web applications. When you only want to have some kind of social web for the #... Show more...
@Ingo Jürgensmann yeah, postgres on Friendica is something we really have to address. And the thing with the channels does need some frontend work.
@Michael Vogel - when you have something to test feel free... I would volunteer to setup another node and do some tests... Migrating from MySQL would be nice as well, but I think that would be really a complex task. ;-)
It's a task that has to be prepared very well - and I guess we can finally address this, when we have changed all database calls - which will last some time.
Maybe I can help with some SQL queries then...

Top of the pop would be to have an abstraction layer where you can switch between databases and that keeps both in sync... that way everyone could decide which DBMS to use, but that's a crazy idea of course... would be a nice task for some students for GSOC or so ;)
This here is our abstraction layer: - we just have to convert all the old calls to the new ones from this class.

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