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I must admit, I never really understood why I should bother about protecting my personal data, why I should be worried about google knowing I recently looked for Spider-Man t-shirts, or where I live and work. So i looked up a few articles, and while I'm getting a better grasp, it still sounds a lot like the problem isn't that companies have my data, or that it is a danger for me, but that they are collecting and sharing it in an un-ethical way.
Since we're on the fediverse/federation I guess there are a lot of people who are more knowledgeable than me on the topic, I'd like to hear what you think about the topic?

#privacy #facebook #google #gdpr #data
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One way this could be abused, is to use these data to affect how you vote in upcoming elections, for example:

A nice article with some really scary examples can be found here:

Get your loved ones off Facebook.

@Patrick Marchiodi You can compare privacy and voting. If one person don't vote, it doesn't matter a much, but if most of the people won't vote it would be a huge problem. Why there should be voting or democracy at all, if people are not interested in about it. Same goes for the privacy, if most are not interested about it, why it should be allowed? However, if you don't have privacy, you cannot really have anymore e.g. voting secret, and chilling effect will limit you to express your thoughts, so you start to lose your right to free expression.


characters whose parents are still alive and well

One ten years ago I used to play on a pbf set in the world of Naruto, and I remember that I specifically made my character to still have both parents alive and well, and having a happy relationship with them. The evening before his first lesson he had them over for dinner, and he often went to their house to see them. It was so funny to see my character surrounded by all those edgy, dark kids and he being all sunny and optimistic xD


Varies and depends on the game. I've had characters with living parents, missing parents (a great plot point), murdered parents (the Batman motivation), estranged parents (they do not approve of your life), destructive parents (abusive, or outright damaging such as having criminal records that reflect on the character and their ambitions in society), Useless parents (stuck in a nursing home); Useful parents (father who's an ex-cop and great for using the contacts of)..... lots of possibilities (and of course theres always the supernatural parent, such as the divine/magic parent or the meddling ghost etc).

Yeah, my current character has two living parents. She's got what amounts to a TBI and has been out of contact with them for a decade due to the personality changes that come from having her brain half-replaced by a swarm of nanobots, but she's scheduled a visit and hopefully we'll get there within a few sessions.


Hashtag to discover G+ refugees of the RPG community

So, I've been around for a few weeks now and IMO the fediverse/federation isn't very good at letting people discover each other. So I want to try something: let's use the #gplusRPG hashtag to find people coming from G+ who landed on diaspora, friendica, mastodon or
... show more

I was never a Gplus user, but I hope lots and lots of #gplusRPG people manage to connect here in the land of the free. In fact, it feels like this is my chance to join you all in online conversation w/out worrying about corporate gatekeepers, at last.

...e naturalmente non c'è nessun motivo per cui i giocatori italiani non possano conversare anche nella propria lingua! #gplusRPG

You were never?? My memory tells me otherwise, but I most probably mix up the late GcG forum and the early GcG+ community. Anyways, yes, I must admin I'm liking it here. It's still with some rough edges… but I hope it will get better fast, and self-hosting (with Friendica) is really easy!

@patmax17 Never. The shift from using old-fashioned webforums to G+ as the main platform made me feel quite left out of RPG conversations. You probably remember me using some earlier, simpler Goggle service such as Buzz or Talk.

@patmax17 @rafu for years I was able to contact rafu only by writing to Barbara on WhatsApp ! Yes I could write him an e-mail, but it was too old fashioned :).

Sure, not to mention we've been living a whopping 3,500 meters apart! Literally impossible to meet up on a regular basis!

Thanks. I remember we used to do #3x3rpgs back on the Forge every now and then to promote community. This week seemed like the time.


Hashtag to discover G+ refugees of the RPG community

So, I've been around for a few weeks now and IMO the fediverse/federation isn't very good at letting people discover each other. So I want to try something: let's use the #gplusRPG hashtag to find people coming from G+ who landed on diaspora, friendica, mastodon or whatever.

If you are interested in tabletop RPGs and come from the Google+ RPG community, and if you want to find like-minded people on the fediverse/federation, share a public post with the #gplusRPG hashtag, so that others can find you easily!
#gplusRPG gplusrefugee gplusRPG RPG storygames TTRPG

Hashtags do cross over to other servers if someone there is following you, so it's not all for naught. For example I spotted this post via the #GplusRPG tag from

Ohh, it's enough that anyone on that server follows you?
Good to know.

Oh, that's definitely good news. Does this mean a hashtag can effectively spread through diaspora? is this true for mastodon and friendica too?

@Patrick Marchiodi yup, Mastadon also, and since Frendica federates using both Mastodon & Diaspora protocols, should be true there as well. The simple idea is that when you make a post, a copy is delivered to every other node where you have at least one follower. Then that message is part of the message database there, and available for hashtag searches.

If you gain a new follower at a server where you previously had none, that server won't suddenly get copies of your old posts, but will get any new ones you make after being followed.

Wow, thanks for the info! So while I'm still thinking of a better alternative, let's see if this #gplusRPG thing works. I see it's being shared together with the #3x3RPGs hashtag on diaspora, mastodon, friendica and twitter, so that's not bad :)

Switching to private/friends-only visibility as a default for my posts from now on.
Send me a friend request! ;)


GameChef Discord Server!

Popped on... and have added it to my discord server list etc. Quiet right now but it is 4:27AM local time right now for me (EST) so I wasn't expecting anyone to be chatting at this time anyway.

There's just so much to love about Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. I can't wait for the home video version to come out in a few days :D

The story, the animation and the sound are all top-notch. Not perfect, but there's just so much passion and skill in this movie, it's easy one of my favourite superhero movies ever.

It's Transgender Day of Visibility and also World Backup Day today. Both are about resilience to that which would erase and reminding us not to lose sight of what's important and precious to us. I'm not entirely sure where I'm going with this toot but if you're transgender and/or backing your shit up you're doing great :heart_trans:

Friendica has just been updated to version 2019.03

If you haven't tried Friendica lately, this might be a good time to take a look.

Some places to sign up:

It's the Fediverse's Facebook alternative, with a similar interface and features (photo galleries, events, groups etc).

You can follow people on ActivityPub (Mastodon etc.) and RSS feeds too.

You can also use it through the the Fedilab app (@tom79).


On the original post there's a comparison between diaspora and friendica, In short, Diaspora is very streamlined and easy to use, friendica has more functionalities but is a bit more complicated and it takes some time to get used to.
I use friendica because I find its additional features very useful (e.g. post editing), and because it is able to connect both to diaspora and mastodon (and I can also make posts from RSS feeds, i.e. blogs and news sites, show up in my stream too)

The RSS feed element has got me intrigued.

This is the Fortingall Yew in Scotland, and at between 2000 and 3000 years old, it's one of the oldest living things in Europe.

Yew trees are dioecious, meaning that individual trees are mostly either male or female. But some yew trees are both. Others, transition from one to the other over time. The Fortingall Yew was once a male tree, but it's recently started growing female flowers and producing berries.

So it turns out, trees can be both nonbinary and trans too.


DeviantArt: Harpie (TheMichaelMacRae)

weird monsters

#Art #DeviantArt

DeviantArt: cyborg faces (AdrianDadich)

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#Art #DeviantArt

DeviantArt: battle angel (Quirkilicious)

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#Art #DeviantArt

DeviantArt: commision arkcius (FF69)

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#Art #DeviantArt

DeviantArt: frog dragon (MilicaClk)

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#Art #Marvel #Manga #SpiderGwen #GhostSpider #Spiderverse
Spider-Man: Un Nuovo Universo – Yusuke Murata disegna Spider-Gwen!
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Because I just love mashups <3

DeviantArt: Ryuko Plugsuit (lucidsky)

evangelion KillLaKill mashup plugSuite

With so little skin visibile, it must be a really weak garment. :D

Not the typical kind of artwork I share, but I think DyeMeLikeASunset/Nafisah deserves a shoutout for their skill in portraying characters with different body shapes, very different and fashionable outfits, varying degrees of gender expression, and have all of them look awesome. I just love their character work :D

#Art #DeviantArt #characterDesign

DeviantArt: solaris outfit spread [1 / 2] (Dyemelikeasunset)

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