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Are you familiar with #JL8 by Yale Stewart, the #webcomic about #DCComics characters in their kindergarden versions? If not, do yourself a favor and read it, it's just so good :D

I've been on friendica for a few months now and I'm liking it so far. It can federate with Diaspora*, and from mobile I use the browser version
If you want to use the Fediverse through a Facebook-style interface, you may want to try Friendica.

Some good instances to sign up at:

You can use Friendica through the @fedilab app.

It federates through ActivityPub with Mastodon etc and it also lets you follow RSS feeds as if they were users.

The developers are very active with regular new releases.

#Friendica #Facebook #Alternatives #DeleteFacebook #ReplaceFacebook

Hey, it's #pridemonth! If you're #queer or #trans and from the #EU, do something good and fill this survey from the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights. If you know older queers or trans ppl, feel free to forward the link. Thanks!

The great #markrosewater talks about good and bad reasons to design a game. He talks about #mtg of course, but the advice is solid for other games too, afaict.

#gamedesign #rpg #ttrpg #boardgames #magic #gplusRPG

@Friendica Support is there a way to turn on notifications for likes? #friendica #help

I'm not sure if anyone out there will see this, but I just have to share this video because it his so many right spots for me.
#TBSkyen is a comic artist and youtuber, who mostly talks about #characterDesign in video games, especially (but not limited to) #leagueoflegends. This is the recording of a live streaming he made last week where he goes through each of the ~140 characters of the game and ranks them by the quality of their character design.
It's long (4.5h), it's very niche/specific (character design specifically on League of Legends), but it's the stuff I love: i love talking about character design, I love talking about diversity and representation, I learned a few trivia about LGBT-coded characters I wasn't aware of. Also, I like how TB Skyen entertains, he's very natural and unstructured, he has a... show more


I watched Detective Pikachu [spoilers]

I went to see the new Detective Pikachu movie.

I don't have really much to say, the movie was enjoyable though the story was quite underwhelming. It's definitely a movie for kids, the story is very simple and the plot twists are predictable. Ryan Reynold's Pikachu steals the show, he had me smirk more than a few times, and I quite liked the main character too. The other characters are rather flat and I couldn't really sympathize with them.
I only saw the first trailer and thus went to the cinema almost spoiler-free, and it was a nice surprise to see Mewtwo in the movie. I also guess avoiding the spoilers did help me avoid the few (bland) plot twists of the film. And I loved the hell out of Ditto, its scene in the last act was fantastic, probably one of the things i enjoyed and will remember the most :D
But the reason I went to the cinema was to see two hours of CGI Pokemon doing staff in the real world, and I wasn't disappointed. The CGI wasn't always good, but the pokemon themselves felt believable and integrated into their settings. The "splash page" scenes of the city... show more

I heard the Jigglypuff scene is good. Ryan is so hot! :D


Who wants to come up with a magic item description for this? #DnD #Pathfinder #ttrpg
Visst skulle det vara praktiskt att ha hela universum i din hand? Det är möjligt med denna tyska 1500-talsring som går att fälla ut till en astronomisk sfär! När du är klar med dina planetstudier fäller du bara ihop den igen.

#expertenberättar #medieval #blingbling

#riotgames #leagueoflegends #walkout #forcedarbitration

I know boob plate and stuff, but I like the general drawing style and the #armor design :)
#art #DeviantArt #cleric #knight

DeviantArt: Battle Cleric (imDRUNKonTEA)

Fair comment. Without the valley between the boobs, which is not a huge difference, it would have more approval from me.

Let's not contemplate how little padding there is under the armour ;-)

Usually does.

Which is why middle earth mithral may as well be vibranium.


Thoughts on Avengers:Endgame

I watched Endgame a few days ago. I'd like to watch it again, but I'll post my thoughts in the comments.

Spoiler warning for obvious reasons

#Marvel #Avengers #AvengersEndgame #Endgame

True, but I was referring to the beginning. Her excuse, in hind-sight, of needing to help the rest of the universe seems weak now, considering how reversing the snap would correct most of the universe's issues.

To the uninitiated, she was Tony Stark's saviour and in the Avenger pow-wow advocating retrieving the stones to bring everyone back and then leading the attack to over-power Thanos. We did get to see the no-flinching scene after she brought what I assume was the Milano to the Avengers HQ.

I found this discussion quite good, they make a couple of solid points:

I definitely like their reasoning about fan service, which more or less boils down to "if it's deserved and earned, if you correctly built up to it, if it's not rushed, forced or gratuitous, then it's not fanservice, itìs payoff." And I agree. There are definitely some things that feel rushed and forced (e.g. Cap handing over the shield is a bit too sudden, the "girl power" moment was great but I would have liked to get to it more naturally, and so on), but some others are the right, final payoff for a 22 movie, 10+ years buildup: Cap wielding Mjolnir, the "Avengers Assemble" scene, "I am Iron Man", the many callbacks.

Another great review is this one
I like CaptainMidnight because he, like me, values character over plot. The whole argument he makes about th... show more

So, there's this thing going on on youtube called #OneMarvelousScene where to celebrate the release of #Avengers #Endgame a dozen of video essayists teamed up and made a video each about their favourite scene in the whole #MCU
They made a playlist and other creators can submit their video to be added to the playlist. I was going through it when I stumbled upon this video. It's by a kid, but it's so passionate and kinda good it's incredibely cute.

I don't know how many mcu #marvel nerds are out there, but if you are, have a look at this playlist :)

"I don't know how many mcu #marvel nerds are out there[...]"

A lot. A. Lot.

Yeah of course, what I meant here on friendica ^^

Fair enough!

I must admit, I never really understood why I should bother about protecting my personal data, why I should be worried about google knowing I recently looked for Spider-Man t-shirts, or where I live and work. So i looked up a few articles, and while I'm getting a better grasp, it still sounds a lot like the problem isn't that companies have my data, or that it is a danger for me, but that they are collecting and sharing it in an un-ethical way.
Since we're on the fediverse/federation I guess there are a lot of people who are more knowledgeable than me on the topic, I'd like to hear what you think about the topic?

#privacy #facebook #google #gdpr #data
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One way this could be abused, is to use these data to affect how you vote in upcoming elections, for example:

A nice article with some really scary examples can be found here:

Get your loved ones off Facebook.


characters whose parents are still alive and well

One ten years ago I used to play on a pbf set in the world of Naruto, and I remember that I specifically made my character to still have both parents alive and well, and having a happy relationship with them. The evening before his first lesson he had them over for dinner, and he often went to their house to see them. It was so funny to see my character surrounded by all those edgy, dark kids and he being all sunny and optimistic xD


Varies and depends on the game. I've had characters with living parents, missing parents (a great plot point), murdered parents (the Batman motivation), estranged parents (they do not approve of your life), destructive parents (abusive, or outright damaging such as having criminal records that reflect on the character and their ambitions in society), Useless parents (stuck in a nursing home); Useful parents (father who's an ex-cop and great for using the contacts of)..... lots of possibilities (and of course theres always the supernatural parent, such as the divine/magic parent or the meddling ghost etc).

Yeah, my current character has two living parents. She's got what amounts to a TBI and has been out of contact with them for a decade due to the personality changes that come from having her brain half-replaced by a swarm of nanobots, but she's scheduled a visit and hopefully we'll get there within a few sessions.


Hashtag to discover G+ refugees of the RPG community

So, I've been around for a few weeks now and IMO the fediverse/federation isn't very good at letting people discover each other. So I want to try something: let's use the #gplusRPG hashtag to find people coming from G+ who landed on diaspora, friendica, mastodon or
... show more

I was never a Gplus user, but I hope lots and lots of #gplusRPG people manage to connect here in the land of the free. In fact, it feels like this is my chance to join you all in online conversation w/out worrying about corporate gatekeepers, at last.

...e naturalmente non c'è nessun motivo per cui i giocatori italiani non possano conversare anche nella propria lingua! #gplusRPG

You were never?? My memory tells me otherwise, but I most probably mix up the late GcG forum and the early GcG+ community. Anyways, yes, I must admin I'm liking it here. It's still with some rough edges… but I hope it will get better fast, and self-hosting (with Friendica) is really easy!

@patmax17 Never. The shift from using old-fashioned webforums to G+ as the main platform made me feel quite left out of RPG conversations. You probably remember me using some earlier, simpler Goggle service such as Buzz or Talk.

@patmax17 @rafu for years I was able to contact rafu only by writing to Barbara on WhatsApp ! Yes I could write him an e-mail, but it was too old fashioned :).

Sure, not to mention we've been living a whopping 3,500 meters apart! Literally impossible to meet up on a regular basis!

Thanks. I remember we used to do #3x3rpgs back on the Forge every now and then to promote community. This week seemed like the time.