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Nerdica upgraded to 2019.03-rc

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Dear users,

this evening I switched Nerdica to the current release candidate 2019.03-rc of Friendica.

The migration took a little longer as the database upgrade failed again and again with a strange error. It took a while until I figured out was the problem was and fixing it.

Sorry for the unexpected long downtime, but now it should be running just fine again. If you experience any issues, please report here or in the Friendica Support Forum, where the developers are also reading...



Cross-posting to Wordpress from Nerdica

Hi -- I'm brand new here, and one of the things I wanted to be able to do from Nerdica/ was crosspost to my (self-hosted) Wordpress blog.

I found the Social Networks page, and the Wordpress Export section. But I can't find any documentation anywhere that explains what's being looked for in the key "WordPress API URL" field. Anyone have an answer, or know where I can dig up more information on this?

wordpress (x)

With API URL the addon means XMRPC API URL. There is also a REST API URL for Wordpress.
From the Wordpress addon system setting:
Post to WordPress (or anything else which uses blogger XMLRPC API)

Maybe this helps:

So it looks like it's the path to the WP xmlrpc.php file ... hmmm, okay, thought I had that identified. That gives me something to play with. I'll give it a try and update this if I get it working. :-)

Thanks, Ingo!


Can't connect to with XMPP-client

I just tried to connect to my account on with but got the error message "Incompatible server"? should be a real XMPP client? The information about also says:

"All (friendly) creatures welcome! Free registration. Server located in Germany. As a registered user on Nerdica.Net you are also able to use XMPP (Jabber) under the same address and with your password. Get the best of free and open networks at Nerdica.Net! :-)"

Hmmm, it should work. Have you tested the web interface on and logging in with your "" and your password?

It worked on but not on my Android phone with Exactly the same login with copy and paste. First I thought it might be case sensitive with the username but when I enter in Conversations it automatically changes it to lowercase and on I tried lowercase directly and it worked logging in.

Hmmm, strange... when checking server status on it shows that everything is 100% ok... the compliance tester is using same kind of authentication as every other user as well. And it is from the author of, so I expect that it will use the same methods to authenticate as the client on Android does.
But when the web interface is working, I guess it's more like a client issue then. Can you check if is using TLS on port 5222 or if it is trying to use SSL on port 5225?

Currently I see legacy SSL port is only listening on IPv6:
root@jabber:~# netstat -tulpen | grep 5225
tcp6       0      0 :::5225                 :::*                    LISTEN      0          2488867    24419/slt

No idea why "slt" is not listening on IPv4 at the moment, but when you are on IPv4-only network, this is most likely the reason of your issue.
So, either try IPv6 or convince conversations to use TLS on port 5222...

Now it works for me to connect with android app without any changes. Just using the same stored password and username as I did before. Very strange.

And now I have the same problem again with with "incompatible server" message on my Android phone...

Try again. "slt" is now listening to IPv4 socket...

it still says incompatible server

I'm running out of ideas... the compliance tester of says, 100% ok and you can connect with other clients such as the web interface on, so I think it's a client issue and you should contact Daniel Gultsch about that.
Maybe you can provide some more information, like IP addresses and such... please send me the information directly using the XMPP web interface on

I am just now trying to start a group chat with you in but is not connecting. Perhaps waiting for you to accept? I also added you as a contact there (pending). I am new to XMPP/Jabber.

Please try again... I'm now online and reachable...

After help from @Ingo Jürgensmann I think we can be pretty sure the problem is in the client in connection with the nerdica server. When I try to connect with another client, Xabber for Android, it works fine.

Ok, I checked back with Daniel Gultsch on Twitter... in his opinion the problem might be that I'm using "slt" for proxying SSL connections to TLS and TLS is expecting STARTTLS command... So, the compliance tester is happy with the current setup, but the real client is not.

For some unknown reasons (at the moment) the configuration does not work as documented (legacy_ssl_ports for Prosody)...

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I received a mail from Google about the closing down of #Google+ :

Hello Google+ Developer,

The email below contains your most recent usage of Google+ APIs. Note: It includes Google+ OAuth scope requests, which are also affected by the Google+ shutdown. A prior email sent to active API callers did not include information about OAuth requests. One final reminder email will be sent in February to users who still have active API or OAuth request activity.

What do I need to know?

On March 7, 2019, all Google+ APIs and Google+ Sign-in will be shut down completely. This will be a progressive shutdown, with API calls starting to intermittently fail as early as January 28, 2019, and OAuth requests for Google+ scopes starting to intermittently fail as early as February 15, 2019.

What do I need to do?

Please update your projects liste
... show more


Workaround for bug in newest release applied

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There is a small nasty bug in newest Friendica release 2019.01:

When enabling "use browser location" the modal for writing the post doesn't appear

So, when you're using browser location you might not be able to post anything on Nerdica.Net. As a workaround I've followed the tip to disable this function on SQL level:

MariaDB [friendica]> UPDATE user SET `allow_location` = 0 WHERE `allow_location` = 1;
Query OK, 10 rows affected (0.01 sec)
Rows matched: 10  Changed: 10  Warnings: 0

As you can see there were 10 users affected. In the development branch this bug has already been fixed, but I still await a fixed release version. As soon as this fix is available you should be able to enable "use browser location" again.


XMPP for all Nerdica.Net Users

!Nerdica Forum

As yesterday already pointed out, I worked on enabling XMPP for all Friendica.Net users. A short test showed that this was successful, at least as far as I could test it.

So, what's this XMPP stuff is all about?

What is XMPP?
XMPP, or formerly known as Jabber, is a protocol for instant messaging. You can read the XMPP article in Wikipedia if your interested in details.
XMPP is similar to Friendica in that it is a federated protocol as well as email is. So, there is no central server infrastructure like for Facebook, but basically everyone can run his/her own server, if wanted. But you don't need to! There are hundreds of free XMPP servers out there where you can register an account. As an user of Nerdica.Net you already have an XMPP account with the same address as your Friendica account: <username>

How can I use XMPP?
There are multiple options.

1) Within your profi... show more

Oh, sorry... thought that the default setting will be used as a default in the user settings as well. You'll need to set the BOSH URL to:

Hope, this helps. Otherwise you can also use the fully featured webclient on - there you'll need just your account and password.

Ok, I see you in the chatroom and also have added the BOSH URL to the original posting...


XMPP Test for Nerdica.Net Users

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Today I worked a little bit on connecting Nerdica.Net and my XMPP server. In the end that would mean that every user of Nerdica.Net would automatically get an XMPP address as well (XMPP formerly known as Jabber).

If there's anyone willing to test this, please drop me a private message! :-)


Nerdica.Net upgraded to 2019.01 release

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Just upgraded to today release of Friendica 2019.01

Version Friendica 'The Tazmans Flax-lily' 2019.01 - 1293


Nerdica.Net now on 2019.01-rc branch

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@Friendica Admins

I just switch from stable branch to 2019.01-rc branch.

So, if you experience any issues, please drop me a note.



Webserver was offline this night

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When I woke up this morning I realized that the webserver was not reacting anymore. In general the machine was rather unresponsive and had a load of >240.

The issue began after 3:17 CET according to the last log entries. You can see that the disk utilization graphs get a peak at that time:


Even rebooting via SSH was not possible anymore. So I had to kill the virtual machine and restart it.
Now everything should work again.

Yeah, well, not exactly for 2019, but well...
Basically I would have liked to find out what went wrong, but even a "ps faux" to list the running processeses didn't work anymore... still some munin plugins did work well and delivered data back to the collector, but some were not. So, completely mysterious and I have had no other choice to restart the machine to bring the service back to all the users... ;)

Sadly this happened again today at 12:00 CET... same pattern again...

As a result, I'll migrate the Mastodon instance again to its own virtual machine...



Today the #Friendica node on reached 500 registrations:


Yay! :-)

!Friendica Admins !Nerdica Forum

We are coming near to 650 registered users on Nerdica.Net, so nearly +150 users in 3 weeks... I'm impressed.

That's maybe a reason to think about limiting the number of users somewhen, like e.g. when we reach 1000 users. I do think that it is not in the best interest of the fediverse to have a few large nodes/instances, but the big benefit is to have many, many smaller ones. Usually I would recommend 50-500 maximum of users.

What do you think?

I think that by march there will be 10 times more than that coming.
Not every node works as well as Nerdica.
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Thanks for the positive feedback that Nerdica is a well running node! :-)

PS: at the moment I'm thinking about if and how to enable XMPP for Nerdica.Net users as well by default....

Well, how much time is it to run Nerdica?

Difficult to answer.
I think Friendica as the underlying software is easier to maintain than some other softwares. So, basically the most time is needed to curate about the users. See if there are complaints by users, trying to help some with technical issues and such, and of course: taking about of spammers.

When you want to run your own node and don't intent to grow large like 100-200 users or even more, but keep it between 20-50 users, I think it is not that big difference to running a node just for yourself. Of course you can invest endless time in maintaining a site with just 10 users if you want, but you don't need to.

For me, the daily estimated amount of time for Nerdica.Net (just the administrative tasks) is maybe 10-20 mins in average. This is mostly checking if everything is still working fine.

Basically I encourage people to run their own infrastructure if they are either competent enough to do so or willing to learn a lot of things.
And it surely helps when you first gather some experiences... show more


Upcoming Server Works

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Today I sent a Samsung NVME M.2 disk to the hoster in order to have that put into the server and to speed up the underlying database of Friendica on Nerdica.Net.

This is somewhat strange... Although I bought that server, I've never seen it personally. It was directly sent to the colocation hoster and now I'm somewhat curious whether or not everything fits into the box.

So, expect some downtimes of the server in the next 1-2 weeks. Until everything is settled and tuned, it will need some reboots and such.

Maybe some interesting facts for the techies of you:
- database size: 19 GB at the moment
- mem/pool size: 16 GB
- current disk setup: 4x SATA disk RAID10
- 6x Xeon cores

It's somewhat likely that the SSD will be put into place around December 12th, so in about 3 weeks. The hoster will then be at colocation space for another costumer and I won't need to pay an additional fee for installation. :-)

The downtime has now been scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 13th, between 18-20:00 CET. The colocation provider will then shutdown the server and install the SSD. After that I need to make some tests and move the databases from the RAID10 to the SSD.
This will take some time, but I guess the server should be back up again at 21:00 CET...


Friendica and GDPR

Hi there.

I joined G+ a long time ago due to me and my wife using the Ingress AR-Game. Since then I have used the Google services a lot (G+, Blogger, Drive, ...). About five years ago I also became data protection officer (#Datenschutzbeauftragter) in our company and learned a lot about do's and don'ts, recently regarding the new general data protection regulations (#gdpr) that are in effect since May 25th 2018.
Google has its flaws but after all they were certified by the privacy shield standard applied to US companies that are working personal data of EU inhabitants which is acknowledged by gdpr as a legal standard.
Looking for a new way to connect to people over the internet (due to the recent news that G+ is shutting its service down next year) I joined #... show more
#Datenschutzbeauftragter) dsgvo (x) friendica (x) gdpr (x)

Since I forgot some tags and beeing unable to edit the original post I comment with tags on my post.
#privacyshield #gdpr #dsgvo #dataprotectionofficer #privacy #privacypolicy

Hmmm, since you are posting this in the Nerdica Forum, I think you are especially interested in GDPR statements regardings this node, right?

1) This node is run by a private person,
2) I'm a data protection & privacy activist for years and active in AK Vorrat and other NGOs
3) except for the mail address, which is necessary to register and recover lost passwords, all data that is stored is entered by the users. There is no data preservation of IP addresses in the logs.
4) if someone wants to provide me a good text for data protection statement to be published on this side, this would be very much appreciated
5) the moment when someone wants to put legal action against this node or server in any regard is the moment where I shutdown everything and delete it.
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Hi @Ingo Jürgensmann So I guess all nodes have to have their own activities around privacy regulations. As far as I understand the aspects of running a friendica node you are a "controller" (GDPR Art 4) and so you are responsible for all that is required in regards of gdpr and your node.
Please note that I am not willing to take any legal action in this regard so all I write is meant to be an advice (and/or a starting point for further discussions) from someone who is still learning how social networks work.
A good starting point to figure this issue out is to compile a "record of processing activities[" (GDPR Art 30). You will find a document here that might help you setting this... show more

Although I think JPA did a great job in the legal process of GDPR, but what came out is a little too bureaucratic and over the top for private users.
It's quite unlikely that I will conduct such a "paper".
That's why I said that I will shutdown everything on that moment when I'm forced to do so. This will also be the case when upload filters are required by EU legislation. That wouldn't be a free and open Internet anymore, because already today you need a master degree at a law school when running some services on the Internet.

I totally agree with you on the amount of formality and bureaucracy that is required. I don't have a law degree either and sometimes I have no choice but to ask for the assistance of a lawyer. And I definitely didn't want to make you upset. ;)

But if I had a saying in this I would rather make friendica my "safe social networks harbour" which requires the administration to meet legal requirements rather than to have yours, mine and everyboby elses endeavors shatter at the first sign of trouble. Running an internet service that deals massively with personal data is not something to treat lightly. But I also think it is possible to tackle all requirements. At least it is worth a try.



!Nerdica Forum

Since of today is secured by DNSSEC. There shouldn't be any issues because of this. Just to let you know... :)


help for configuring an app

hi everybody :)

i am a sailfish os users and wanted to try out Friendly, the native app. Thing is i cannot configure the app, maybe someone can give me some hint? :)


Nerdica.Net upgraded to Friendica 2018.8-RC

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After the message came in today that Friendica 2018-8rc1 has been released I upgraded Nerdica to that version. The database conversion took a while, but in general there was no problem during upgrade.
Only thing that seems a little bit odd is the rendering of Umlauts, which seem to be broken, but I guess that this issue can be solved shortly. So, stay tuned! :-)

Admin Nerdica.Net

That makes sense. Never mind!

Yeah, nonetheless I checked the app permission list in Twitter and it is still activated - alas apparently not working anymore.
That's one of the reasons why so many users are moving away from Twitter into the Fediverse lately...

Ah, you maybe want to try IFFFT or Buffer addon instead... But this also means to invoke another third party into your communication channels and giving them access to your stuff...
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*narf* ... couldn't await the day to completely ditch twitter. ;-)



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Hi, ich bin neulich mit diesem Account von Libranet hierher umgezogen. Der Umzug hat auch ganz gut funktioniert. Mit einer Ausnahme, die vielleicht auf einem Missverständnis beruht, dass ihr vielleicht aufklären könntet. Und zwar lässt sich der Nerdica-Account nicht mit anderen Instanzen föderieren, die zuvor schon den libranet-Account kannten. Und dabei geht es nur um den Libranet-Account (nicht um die ganze Instanz!).

Warum ist das so?

Vielen Dank für jede Antwort!

Oeh, also wenn ich das richtig verstehe:
- ehemals auf Libranet
- Account nach Nerdica umgezogen
- danach den Account auf Libranet geloescht
- und nun festgestellt, dass die Kontakt nicht automatisch auf vom alten auf den neuen Account wechseln?

Ich vermute, dass das so funktioniert hat wie es funktionieren sollte, aber vielleicht kann jemand mit mehr Hintergrundwissen ueber das Protokoll auf !Friendica Support weiterhelfen?

Ich vermute gerade, dass es so eine Art Alias-Mechanismus gibt, den ich jetzt unterbrochen habe. :-(

Ja, kann gut sein, aber da wissen vielleicht @Michael Vogel oder @Tobias weiter...


Picture upload issues

Anyone know why i am getting a regular upload fail for pictures? It seems i can upload small files only. Is there a file size limit?


As stated before, there might be a 2 MB upload limit, although I lately changed all the occurances in php.ini and raising it to 20 MB.


Formatting Text


Does Friendica allow formatting of text in posts? Am I to use HTML or Markup to do that? Is there some sort of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface for posting?
formmating (x) HTML (x) Markup (x)

I think you can use BBcode to format text.


Welcome to all new users

!Nerdica Forum

To all of our new users a friendly welcome!

There are lots of new users in the last days apparently coming from that #deletefacebook campaign.
Maybe you are wondering why there is no traffic in your timeline after joining. #Friendica is working a little different than Facebook and you actively need to search for your contacts to connect to. There is no automatism finding your friends via uploaded phonebooks or similar. This is by design for the sake of privacy and data protection.

So, please don't be disappointed when your timeline seems to be empty in the first days. Start posting stuff, experiment with your profile settings who can see what and connect with other users in the Fediverse.

Have fun!

Is there a link to the community page?

The community is linked to from any page, the URL ist

Welcome to Nerdica!

Maybe you should address these question to the Friendica Support forum? There are the more protocol-knowing developers, but I'd assume that both issues might be caused by some differences in protocols or software like Friendica vs Hubzilla/Mastodon/Diaspora.
So, when e.g. Mastodon doesn't know the concept of privacy groups, it might be not possible to answer to those articles. But again: the developers in the ! might know more details...