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I was on This Week in Google!

Jeff and Stacey were missing. Leo was hosting. And Ant Pruitt and I were guesting. We talked about the history of Google+ (and also the fact that Google+ is now history). Plus, Google’s history of killing off products, China, NASA, podcasting, Cuba, Easter Eggs, Google I/O, Google Assistant, Android, YouTube, Firefox, Google Duplex, the Oscars, hack attacks, attempted hack attacks and more!

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Melides Residence by Architecture Firm Esteva i Esteva

A family home designed in Melides, Portugal by the architects of Esteva i Esteva.

Completed in 2017 by Spanish architecture firm Esteva i Esteva, this family home is situated in a contemporary art park close to the coastal town of Melides in southern Portugal. In addition to the common housing possibilities, the multifu
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IKEA Kåma Sutra manual offers more satisfaction in the bedroom

IKEA has devised the "ultimate guide to bedroom satisfaction" w
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Interior Design


Matthew Simmonds explores historic architecture in stone sculptures

Doric columns, arches and vaulted ceilings
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#naturalstone #sculpture Sculpture

...very interesting share ...many thanks @J P Sousa Paula

Citroën designs ultra-compact concept car for unlicenced drivers

Citroën has revealed its vision
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Digital platform 1st Dibs opens first showroom in New York warehouse

Online marketplace 1st Dibs has opened its fir
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#interiordesign Interior Design

Branding by Monograph&Co. for to:Resonate

Graphic Design, Branding, and Web Design for to:Resonate by studio Monograph&Co.

Monograph&Co. is a graphic design studio based in Vancouver, Canada. Their creative team designed this beautiful brand identity for to:Resonate, the world’s first non-invasive advanced therapeutic technology that harnesses the power of sou
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#graphicdesign Graphic Design
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Auto-play podcast on my Network feed!!

I'm getting this podcast or something everytime I load my Network stream. Anyone else?

Harley-Davidson's latest electric bikes are designed for commuters

American motorcycle
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Deze fiets, wat een allure ! Image/Photo
Prettig weekend! :-)

Inderdaad. Prettig weekend ook!

Batman : peut-il vraiment tuer ?
Batman : peut-il vraiment tuer ?
Victime de meurtre, Vesper Fairchild a été retrouvée gisant dans son propre sang, sur le sol du manoir Wayne. Bruce Wayne, son ex-petit ami, devient rapidement l’unique suspect de ce crime ignoble. Inculpé et enfermé à Blackgate, le millionnaire n’a d’autre choix que de s’évader pour pouvoir se parer du costume de Batman et retrouver […]

L’article Batman : peut-il vraiment tuer ? est apparu en premier sur Urban Comics.

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#bd #comics #batman BD

Radisson Collection Royal Hotel, Copenhagen
The Radisson Collection Royal Hotel is the only hotel by renowned designer and architect Arne Jacobsen, making it a true home of Danish modernism. Constructed in 1960, the building still dominates the city skyline, and its interior design impresses visitors to this day.

See more on Radisson Collection Royal Hotel, Copenhagen by Arne Jacobsen - Copenhagen, Denmark

Homes near Copenhagen, Denmark

#interiordesign Interior Design

Bob Marley’s birthday
Bob Marley was born on this date in 1945. He died on May 11, 1981 of melanoma.

The post Bob Marley’s birthday appeared first on Didier J. MARY.

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Volvo has installed an environmentally-friendly seawall along the coast of Sydney's harbour that aims to improv
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David/Nicolas exhibits Supernova travertine tables in New York City

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#interiordesign #NaturalStone #stone Interior Design

Nendo designs crystal trays and accessories for Atelier Swarovski Home

Flat-cut crystals traditionally used in chandeliers f
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#productdesign #dezeen Product Design