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Openbook Sign up/login??

Hello my Friendicans.

Finally I got to be able to download the Openbook app, but I've no way to login or sign up.
I'm being asked for a 'registration link' to sign up, and to login, of course, the username and password. But I requested to join 3 months ago, and can only see the email address and first and last names on my profile on their site. Don't remember if I set a login then.

Where or how do I get the 'registration link'?

Goed! I hope that it's the last name change. And hope to get the registration link soon too.

Tomas Kos Illustrations

Commissioned and personal illustrations by Tomas Kos.

Tomas Kos is a freelance illustrator who lives and works in Vilnius, Lithuania. His artworks often convey a hidden message, which he masterfully visualizes in a surreal way. A small selection of both commissioned and personal illustrations can be found below. For those who want to see more of Tomas’ creative work, please visit his portfolio on Behance or follow this talented guy on Instagram.

Hot summer illustration
Can art cure the soul?
Massive Growing
Sketches by Tomas Kos
All images © by Tomas Kos. Have a look at our Illustration category to find more inspiring work created by talented people from around the globe.

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Application open for on form, a sales exhibition in England dedicated only to stone sculptures

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Word of the moment: "captology"

Financial Times is reporting on laws intended to crack down on manipulative tactics used by Facebook and other companies to confuse, trick and addict users. The UK is talking about banning "Likes" on Facebook. The US Senate is going after "dark patterns" design -- software designed to make choices beneficial to the company much more likely.

The article uses a word I hadn't heard before: "captology," defined as persuasive technology that exploits human psychology for commercial gain.

Common Sense media lists some of the techniques social networks, games and other sites use to hook kids.

The Financial Times piece is really about legislation. How do you ban persuasion — especially when the techniques are as subtle as a “Like” button or a simple notification?
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Melides Residence by Architecture Firm Esteva i Esteva

A family home designed in Melides, Portugal by the architects of Esteva i Esteva.

Completed in 2017 by Spanish architecture firm Esteva i Esteva, this family home is situated in a contemporary art park close to the coastal town of Melides in southern Portugal. In addition to the common housing possibilities, the multifu
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IKEA Kåma Sutra manual offers more satisfaction in the bedroom

IKEA has devised the "ultimate guide to bedroom satisfaction" w
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Citroën designs ultra-compact concept car for unlicenced drivers

Citroën has revealed its vision
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Digital platform 1st Dibs opens first showroom in New York warehouse

Online marketplace 1st Dibs has opened its fir
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Branding by Monograph&Co. for to:Resonate

Graphic Design, Branding, and Web Design for to:Resonate by studio Monograph&Co.

Monograph&Co. is a graphic design studio based in Vancouver, Canada. Their creative team designed this beautiful brand identity for to:Resonate, the world’s first non-invasive advanced therapeutic technology that harnesses the power of sou
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Auto-play podcast on my Network feed!!

I'm getting this podcast or something everytime I load my Network stream. Anyone else?

Radisson Collection Royal Hotel, Copenhagen
The Radisson Collection Royal Hotel is the only hotel by renowned designer and architect Arne Jacobsen, making it a true home of Danish modernism. Constructed in 1960, the building still dominates the city skyline, and its interior design impresses visitors to this day.

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Homes near Copenhagen, Denmark


Bob Marley’s birthday
Bob Marley was born on this date in 1945. He died on May 11, 1981 of melanoma.

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#music #reggae #BobMarley

Volvo has installed an environmentally-friendly seawall along the coast of Sydney's harbour that aims to improv
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David/Nicolas exhibits Supernova travertine tables in New York City

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Nendo designs crystal trays and accessories for Atelier Swarovski Home

Flat-cut crystals traditionally used in chandeliers f
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