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Explanation-Free Education Examples


I re-visited some ideas for explanation-free entry into programming.

I'm not sure if I was able put the pdf on MediaGoblin or no
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I started putting class worksheet materials on-line with WriteFreely:

Taking Care with Intellectuals

Chomsky and Schmidt on Professional 'Intellectuals'; technocrats

Quite generally, what grounds are there for supposing that those whose claim to power is based on knowledge and technique will be more benign in their exercise of power than those whose claim is based on wealth or aristocratic origin? On the contrary, one might expect the new mandarin to be dangerously arrogant, aggressive, and incapable of adjus
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Japanese Wrinting(Composition) Books

「文章読本さん江」 斎藤美奈子 (2007)


  • 書く人の論理
    • 文章読本というジャンル
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ESL and CSL learning

English as a Second Language and Computer Science Language: Getting Started

Seeking hints for an efficient approach to education, I've looking at computer language books from the nineties. The need for a terminology or notation to talk about my teaching method is driving me into computer science education. Even books by the founders of languages that I would not consider for a general education/liberal arts program pr
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