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tantalum uses #wisp for code that looks like C but has the regularity of #Scheme:


Ubuntu Color Scheme for Frio

Steffen K9 🐰 - 2019-05-25 13:34:06 GMT
I really like theses colors. Maybe you'll like them too.


@Friendica Support #frio #color #scheme #ubuntu

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Ubuntu Color Scheme for Frio

Steffen K9 🐰 - 2019-05-25 13:34:06 GMT
I really like theses colors. Maybe you'll like them too.


@Friendica Support #frio #color #scheme #ubuntu


Ubuntu Color Scheme for Frio

I really like theses colors. Maybe you'll like them too.


!Friendica Support #frio #color #scheme #ubuntu

Going back over code from two weeks ago, showed me how useful Racket's path utilities are. With path utilities you can filter files without regular expressions and string manipulations. It seems to simplify the code, or make it easier to read. This faceted visualization ended up being a step away from means(averages) and deceptive scales (fn:1) and toward a Synoptic, over-all one-page, view, (fn:2)

Time with Racket, exploring the possibilities, starts to give you the confidence to do whatever you envision. You just need the time for exploratory learning. The learning feels accumulative, the language is simple and coherent enough, the documents are extensive and consistent enough, that re-discoveries of partially learned techniques are quick.
  • Today's code:
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I am relying on #web browser for the time being only because it is the most convenient, largely supported which should, hopefully, convey the idea that #p2p social network is possible and help reach a large number of people. Most developers know some #webdev and all the people have browsers.

Even #python code is #tmp. I will switch back to #scheme which is much better ecosystem, much more #ecology friendly and with less all around #FAANG crap .

Follow me if you can.


Batch Re-size image files with Racket

I've been hoping to cut out the "Image Canvas Resize" step from my photo edit-and-post flow. Now, this little Racket Script will save me a trip to the menu bar (or the memory burden of keyboard shortcuts) for every photo post from now on...
\#! /usr/bin/env racket
\#lang racket

(define dir (vector-ref (current-command-line-arguments) 0))
(define resize-to-n (if (< 1 (vector-length (current-command-line-arguments)))
            (vector-ref (current-command-line-arguments) 1)
\#; (define working-directory (build-path (find-system-path 'home-dir)                                    "Racket" "BatchConvert" "pics" ))

(define working-directory (build-path (current-directory-for-user) dir))

;; Pict
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Batch Convert Images with Racket

Racket is helping me flow well with little jobs I used to do in more involved ways. Maye the DrRacket versions of the code will work on a Windows box with ImageMagick (and potrace?) installed....

If there is enough time to clean up the code, to tighten it up a bit, I might be happy with this script. If it prints out well, this view, and the page for the visualization might be useful for discussions about Questionnaire results. Instead of averages/means for responses that are numbered from one to five, ("ordered factors"? was the term used in the R/ggplot2 documentation) , comparisons of positive and negative responses among different bodies (individual, department, and university) . With this data,... show more

There won't be much more time for playing with Racket plot. But generating a page of Questionnaire results from frequency data let me learn a lot. Working with directories still leaves me puzzled a bit, but it was good to see how Racket's define provides the options that Guile's define* provides. The idea to stack lines to show summed positive and negative response levels prompted me to learn plots hrule. Years ago It took me a long time to figure out how to draw a vertical line with gnuplot. Racket feels very consistent, not just the coding, but the documentation too. I don't have to search and go to stackoverflow was much with Racket: I ended up overwhelmed with stackoverflow sometimes while working with gnuplot and R/ggplot2...


Ad Fraud Scheme Drained Users’ Batteries By Running Hidden Video Ads In Android

A scheme to stealthily run video ads behind banner images drained users' batteries and data while they used popular Android apps.
Article word count: 2353

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@spectrumgomas @ekaitz_zarraga
El verano pasado hice pruebas de funcionamiento entre racket y chicken:

Posteriormente y aunque no las publiqué, probé también con Guile 2.2.4, que quedó entre ambos en velocidad. También probé el mit-scheme, pero es el #scheme más raro, tuve que cambiar código para que funcionara, mientras que los otros me servían los mismos ficheros, con la sola excepción del «ajuste de lenguaje» de racket.

It's taking a while, but with time and patience, getting confident with Data Visualization in Racket might be possible. It was a relief to be able to use the rows-to-cols procedure from a Guile script here with Racket (even though the resulting associative lists isn't used here yet). With Scheme I get the feeling it would be possible to build up the capabilities of ggplot2 (my limited uses of ggplot2 anyway) while maintaining solid contact with the data and a strong comprehension of the process...

Now I have to work out some details, how to re-name the x-axis and y-axis, how to label points... It should go relatively smoothly now after having done it with gnuplot and ggplot2 a few times.

It would be nice to put the labels (like "5 特に") inside their colored boxes somewhere instead of in a separate legend.
(define dat-lns (file->lines "KY-2018_1.csv"))
(define data-l
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FBI accuses wealthy parents in college-entrance bribery scheme

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D.R.Y. Guile for Teachers

Some parts are still clunky, but some parts made me feel good. After a lot of exploration, I have a script that will take a subdirectory of .csv files (encoded in Japanese SJIS) and generate some useful files (encoded in UTF8). With one more little script to let me change the number of columns in the seating chart, some irritating start-of-semester administrative work will be automated.

If I can get more competent with this, and take the time to write clearly: D.R.Y. Guile Free Teachers, to be pronounced like "Dry Guy'll Free Teachers."

It is enjoyable to work with Guile Scheme. It feels like the work helps with "the development of good patterns of thought and the techniques of problem solving."(Daniel P. Friedman in the introduction to *The Schemer's Guide".

Emacs and org-mode give me the same feeling, but Guile makes it seem natural to output simple, almost elegant?, pages. The p... show more


Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu indicted in bribery scheme


#avichai mandelblit #benjamin netanyahu #bribery #indicted #israel #israeli #minister #netanyahu #oan newsroom #president trump #prime #prime minister benjamin netanyahu #scheme #vietnam
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu indicted in bribery scheme


Guile Scripting, Learning

I've been hoping to learn Guile Scheme and SXML for some time now, and think I'm finally making some progress. It takes a lot of exploratory time to learn a language, maybe immersion is needed too. It was important to make the time necessary to discover how Guile Scheme could do the work I was doing with org-mode. I wish I could do what R and ggplot2 do with Scheme. For now it's too hard for me to get "Guile Charting" to work, and I would need hours and hours to learn Cairo, probably. Before attempting that, I have to solidify the scripts and constructs that let me generate roll sheets, bureaucratic print outs, image conversions, and ESL worksheets. Other Faculty Development will have to wait.

Up until some time in 2012, Jim Blandy (once maintainer of Guile) was still mentioning his Minor #Scheme on his homepage:

It had kernel threads! Among the contemporary Schemes, I think only Gerbil and Chibi do (and I'm not exactly sure about Gerbil, somebody please enlighten me!).



The Rise and Fall of a Multimillion-Dollar Airbnb Scheme

Multiple misleading identities, more than 100 host accounts and 18 corporations were created to run an illegal hotel business in Manhattan, according to a lawsuit filed by the city.
Article word count: 2758

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Batch Convert Image Files with Guile

It is taking a while, but Guile is becoming a comfortable tool for me. With Scheme's consistency maybe Guile really can become "ubiquitous". It would be interesting to get my old copy of Learning Perl and see what it is like to do the exercises with Guile. My feeling is that Scheme could be a notation that makes computer languages accessible to everyone, the way new number notations made math more useful for everyone after Roman numerals. Lancelot Hogben in Mathematics for the Millions shows how hard math can be without a good notation: try doing complex calculations with Roman Numerals...


Learning Guile: Named Let

With a few more details needed to get command-line scripts working properly I might have some useful code to share.

The secret to making progress with a language is being able to focus on manageable parts while losing the directions of your flow. And having open-ended time to explore is crucial. The inspiration that comes from feeling that the hours are dedicated to ethical work is important too. There is also the somewhat selfish calculation that all these hours spent acclimating to a problem-solving approach may save time and frustration in the future. With enough time to attain competence the learning time could end up saving other people's time and frustration too..


Another Lesson with Guile Scheme

Uploading gdm(fn:1) lesson plans to WriteFreely has been motivating me to learn Guile Scheme. The language will become a natural tool for me. It's taking a lot of hours, but tools that become natural to your use require a lot of time.
    • The part about batch converting image files needs its own blog post. Emacs, geiser, and guile will keep me from getting lost in Bash scripting.
    • (fn:1) Graded Direct Method
    #gdm #epgdm #guile #scheme #guilescheme

Attempting to implement this bit of shell script in #guile #scheme.

exec "$@"

My first working attempt used eval with quasiquoting and it looked very messy. Second attempt:

(let ((args (cdr (program-arguments))))
(apply execlp (car args) args))

It works, but is it idiomatic? Is this how you'd write that? Can it be shorter or clearer?


Scheme Humanities Avogadro

Reading the Artanis website's Learn Scheme in 15 minutes reminded me of Herb Gross's example of Avogadro to support his argument as math for the humanities. Avogadro's name came to my attention while searching for ways to visualize methionine and methyl mercury. The Free Software called Avogadro met my needs.
6.02e+23 — (1)

We may not realize, however, that if there were a successful
“humanistic revolution” and it was decreed that the liberal arts
curriculum should rid itself of all courses pertaining to science
and technology and, instead, to emphasize only those courses
that enhanced the humanities, mathematics would still be a
leading course in this new curriculum.

For example, Amedeo Avogadro (1776-1856) the Italian
chemist and physicist advanced a hypothesis that has come to
be called Avogadro's Law.

Avogadro's law states that equal volumes of all gases under
identical conditions of pressure and temperature contain the same
number of mole
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I have an hard time focusing on my #scheme project. Every piece is missing, everything must be built. It is funny to build all those things. But it is always, most a the time, an activity you do alone. How to stay focused on your project?

\cc @sir


Installing Guile Scheme

Guile 2.2's installation took me a few hours. But now Skribilo is ready for the next block of free time I have to learn something new with computers. Having two computers going at the same time is only for special occasions. Usually it's too distracting for me to be helpful. But, this time comparing the results for > whereis guile let me see that a working installation of Guile 2.2.4 requires the shared libraries of Guile 2.2

With the hours of installation behind me I'll be ready to work on some projects that need full attention and can't be distracted by the details of installations and software dependencies. Working through this installation process twice should have given me the techniques and patience to work through a variety of difficulties: and the exploratory attitude needed to get Skribilo installed is probably the attitude I'll need to generate workshee... show more


Why MIT uses Python instead of Scheme for its undergraduate CS program (2009)

This week, I find myself lucky enough to be at the International Lisp Conferenceat MIT in Cambridge, MA. I won’t get into why I’m here right now, for those of you who might be surprised. The purp…
Article word count: 826

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Any #Guile #Scheme programmer around?

I have questions!


Treasury Dept. sanctions Iran-Russia firms over alleged oil smuggling scheme


#alleged #dept #firms #hamas #hezbollah #iran #middleeast #mikepompeo #oannewsroom #oil #over #russia #sanctions #scheme #sergeilavrov #smuggling #stevenmnuchin #syria #treasury
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Treasury Dept. sanctions Iran-Russia firms over alleged oil smuggling scheme


Chicken Scheme 5.0 has been released

CHICKEN is a compiler for the Scheme programming language. It produces portable and efficient C and supports the R5RS and R7RS (work in progress) standards, and many extensions. More info at

A new major version has just been released. See the announcement message here:

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How a Massive Ad Fraud Scheme Exploited Android Phones to Steal Millions

A BuzzFeed News investigation uncovered a sophisticated ad fraud scheme involving more than 125 Android apps and websites, some of which were targeted at kids.
Article word count: 5772

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I wonder if the publishing industry has been more diverse in Japan that it has been in the USA.

Anyway, over the years I have collected a number of books for learning Emacs. There might be a way to pull together insights from these books for a book like The Schemer's Guide or How To Design Programs book…
  • プログラミング入門:
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Explanation-Free Education Examples


I re-visited some ideas for explanation-free entry into programming.

I'm not sure if I was able put the pdf on MediaGoblin or no
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ESL and CSL learning

English as a Second Language and Computer Science Language: Getting Started

Seeking hints for an efficient approach to education, I've looking at computer language books from the nineties. The need for a terminology or notation to talk about my teaching method is driving me into computer science education. Even books by the founders of languages that I would not consider for a general education/liberal arts program pr
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