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Christian Krachts Frankfurter Vorlesung: Zweifellos kein Eichenlaub #metoo #ChristianKracht #sexuellerMissbrauch #Internat #Kanada #Buch #Kultur

Weinstein's lawyer is expected to attack the credibility of his accusers and worried that jurors would be 'infected' by the #MeToo movement. #US&Canada #UnitedStates #HumanRights

Is everyone familiar with Floozy Science?

It involves college tramps, enrolled in STEM curriculums (that pretend to be about the sciences but are really about misusing the fields for social agendas that empower women and minorities).


The untalented women go around with chips on their shoulders, initiating all kinds of flirty, sexist behaviors Image/photo
while insinuating that the men are doing the initiating and the women are merely responding to harassment and discrimination -


until the weight of all of the innuendo sets group tactics in motion.

Then they start using the #MeToo hashtag and try to get straight white male professors and colleagues fired or otherwise taken out of the game for other affirmative action candidates.


It's all the rage over on Twitter.


Is everyone familiar with Floozy Science?

It involves college tramps, enrolled in STEM curriculums (that pretend to be about the sciences but are really about misusing the fields for social agendas that empower women and minorities).

The untalented women go around with chips on their shoulders, initiating all kinds of flirty, sexist behaviors Image/photo
while insinuating that the men are doing the initiating and the women are merely responding to harassment and discrimination - until the weight of all of the innuendo sets group tactics in motion.


Then they start using the #MeToo hashtag and try to get straight white male professors and colleagues fired or otherwise taken out of the game for other affirmative action candidates.


It's all the rage over on Twitter.


Is everyone familiar with Floozy Science?

It involves college tramps, enrolled in STEM curriculums (that pretend to be about the sciences but are really about misusing the fields for social agendas that empower women and minorities).

The untalented women go around with chips on their shoulders, initiating all kinds of flirty, sexist behaviors Image/photo
while insinuating that the men are doing the initiating and the women are merely responding to harassment and discrimination - until the weight of all of the innuendo sets group tactics in motion.


Then they start using the #MeToo hashtag and try to get straight white male professors and colleagues fired or otherwise taken out of the game for other affirmative action candidates.

It's all the rage over on Twitter.


Is everyone familiar with Floozy Science?

It involves college tramps, enrolled in STEM curriculums (that pretend to be about the sciences but are really about misusing the fields for social agendas that empower women and minorities).

The untalented women go around with chips on their shoulders, initiating all kinds of flirty, sexist behaviors while insinuating that the men are doing the initiating and the women are merely responding to harassment and discrimination - until the weight of all of the innuendo sets group tactics in motion.


Then they start using the #MeToo hashtag and try to get straight white male professors and colleagues fired or otherwise taken out of the game for other affirmative action candidates.

It's all the rage over on Twitter.

Die Festnahme und Anklage gegen den Hollywood-Produzenten Weinstein ist ein wichtiger Schritt zur Aufklärung der Vergewaltigungsvorwürfe. Frauen, die Anklage gegen Weinstein führen, sehen es bereits als Erfolg.
Genugtuung über Anklage gegen Weinstein | DW | 25.05.2018
#HarveyWeinstein #Metoo #Mißbrauch #Hollywood #MorganFreeman #Justiz #NewYork


Journalist Ronan Farrow Discusses Arrest Of Harvey Weinstein


#news #npr #publicradio #usa

NPR's Audie Cornish speaks with journalist Ronan Farrow following Friday's arrest of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. Farrow's reporting for The New Yorker last fall brought to light the decades of allegations against Weinstein and helped spark the #MeToo movement.

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Anfang Mai wurde die Vergabe des diesjährigen Literaturnobelpreises aufgrund des Sex- und Korruptionsskandals innerhalb der Schwedischen Akademie offiziell verschoben. Nun scheint auch die Vergabe 2019 unsicher.
Literaturnobelpreis: "2019 ist nicht die Deadline" | DW | 25.05.2018
#Literaturnobelpreis #Nobelpreis #MeToo #SchwedischeAkademie

Harvey Weinstein Doesn't Care About Black People

#Politics #Clinton #Weinstein #MeToo #BernieSanders #BlackLivesMatter #Guns #Propaganda

Anklage gegen US-Filmproduzenten: Weinstein stellt sich den Behörden #HarveyWeinstein #metoo #SexuelleGewalt #Filmindustrie #Alltag #Gesellschaft


Filmproduzent Harvey Weinstein stellt sich der Polizei in New York

US-Medien hatten zuvor übereinstimmend berichtet, dass die Staatsanwaltschaft in Manhattan Anklage gegen Weinstein wegen sexueller Übergriffe erheben werde. Die Ermittlungen laufen seit Monaten. Auch Behörden in London und Los Angeles ermitteln. Den US-Berichten zufolge soll Weinstein zunächst von der Polizei verhaftet werden. Daraufhin werde er einem Richter zur offiziellen Verlesung der Anklage vorgeführt. Seine Kautionsbedingungen seien schon vorab festgelegt worden. Demnach werde er eine Million Dollar hinterlegen und sich verpflichten, ein Überwachungsgerät wie etwa eine Fußfessel zu tragen. Seine Reise- und Bewegungsfreiheit werde eingeschränkt. Seinen Pass müsse er abgeben.

Der Fall Weinstein war im vergangenen Oktober bekannt geworden und hatte unter dem Schlagwort #MeToo eine weltweite Debatte über sexuelle Übergriffe ausgelöst. Der einst einflussreiche Hollywood-Mogul hatte Fehlverhalten eingeräumt, bisher aber Vorwürfe von nicht-einvernehmlichem Sex zurückgewiesen. (dpa)

Mehr zum Thema - Him too? New Yorks Staatsanwalt räumt Posten nach Missbrauchsvorwürfen

Filmproduzent Harvey Weinstein: Verhaftung steht offenbar kurz bevor #HarveyWeinstein #Filmindustrie #SexuelleGewalt #metoo #Alltag #Gesellschaft


Working Geek: HR guru Mikaela Kiner says #MeToo has triggered lasting workplace change


Mikaela Kiner, founder and CEO of UniquelyHR. (uniquelyHR Photo)

After nearly 20 years in the HR trenches, Mikaela
is confident that the
\#MeToo movement has at last triggered a meaningful, irreversible change
when it comes to sexual harassment.

She points to firings and shakeups at Nike and Uber and the downfall of
movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, among many others. Women now feel
empowered and that their accusations will be believed.

“That is a change that there is no going back from,” Kiner said. And
tolerating harassment carries an economic cost. “Now it’s financially a
risk and risky to business to allow these things to continue.”

Kiner is the founder and CEO of UniquelyHR, a
Seattle-based company that provides a full suite of HR services,
primarily targeting startups, as well as leadership and management
training and one-on-one executive coaching. And in the past quarter,
UniquelyHR has provided anti-harassment and discrimination training for
more than 1,000 employees and managers — a number that exceeds the total
for all of last year.

Kiner is also hopeful that the effort to support gender and racial
diversity in the workplace is getting smarter and more effective.
Companies are realizing that they need to go out and actively recruit
diverse job candidates, and that the work doesn’t stop there.

“You’re bringing people in the door, but how are you including them once
they’re there so they stay,” she said. That means offering mentoring,
but also backing that up with leaders who actively advocate for women
for advancement.

Before founding UniquelyHR in 2015, Kiner worked in HR leadership at
Microsoft, Starbucks, Amazon, PopCap Games and Redfin.


Mikaela Kiner and her family. (Photo courtesy of Mikaela Kiner)

Recently she found inspiration in a project at her tween daughter’s
middle school where the girls wrote poems about social justice,
including the breaking of the metaphorical glass ceiling faced by women.
One of the girls mused that “every woman should be born with a
sledgehammer,” Kiner said. “They’re having this conversation at

We caught up with Kiner for this Working Geek, a regular GeekWire
feature. Continue reading for her answers to our questionnaire.

Current location:“Galvanize co-working space in Seattle’s Pioneer
Square neighborhood”

Computer types:“I grew up at Microsoft, so I use a Surface Pro
Tablet. My kids ridicule me because I’m a failed Mac user.”

Mobile devices:“iPhone, iPad Mini”

Favorite apps, cloud services and software tools:“I love
Moves to track my steps, and as a PopCap
Games alum, I’m addicted (yes addicted) to Bejeweled Blitz.

Our team uses G-Suite for collaboration including their intranet app.
Other tools that make our business run include HubSpot, DocuSign,
QuickBooks Online and Trello. Our finance person, Calli, is a millennial
and her tagline is ‘there’s an app for that.’ She helps us automate

I’m excited about some of the new emerging tech tools for HR leveraging
AI and machine learning including
StartWithLucy, Work
Drafted. I’m also fascinated with VR; we
work with clients in that space including Doghead
and Pluto

Describe your workspace. Why does it work for you? “We love being at
Galvanize for the community and high energy. There’s always something
happening whether it’s mentor hours or startup coffee. In addition to
open glass offices, there are communal seating areas throughout the
building as well as a rooftop overlooking the Seattle waterfront.
Unlimited conference room space is a must for us and they’re also kind
enough to let us host workshops in the building.

We’re frugal so our staff and consultants rotate through our office and
use it as a landing pad, while also working remotely or onsite with
clients. The space is highly organized thanks to our ops manager,
Michelle. It’s also fun and personalized. There’s startup paraphernalia
everywhere from signs to stickers and swag, ours and others. Lots of


Mikaela Kiner’s upbeat workspace. (UniquelyHR Photo)

Your best advice for managing everyday work and life?“There are only
24 hours in the day, and sometimes we need to eat and sleep. I write a
short list every morning of the things that have to get done which keeps
me focused. I also block free time to think, plan for the future and
catch up on email. If you’re in back-to-back meetings then you end up
doing your day job on nights and weekends. It’s important to take short
breaks whether that means grabbing a coffee or taking a walk around the
block. Another key element in maintaining balance is knowing when to
say ‘yes’ and when to say

which takes both practice and discipline.”

Your preferred social network? How do you use it for
“For business I use LinkedIn primarily. In addition to
tracking what my friends and clients are working on, I follow articles,
events and forums related to startups, culture, female founders, gender
pay equity and building inclusive cultures, among other topics. I
basically read LinkedIn like a news feed to see what’s happening in our
work ecosystem. Sometimes I see causes or events we want to participate
in or sponsor. It’s also the best place for us to post events and get
community feedback on what we’re working on or things we’re
experimenting with.”

Current number of unanswered emails in your inbox?“Currently I have
99 unanswered emails. Thanks to SaneBox there are another 20 plus that
have been filtered into Sane Bulk, Sane Later, etc. which I know are
lower priority.”

Number of appointments/meetings on your calendar this week?“26
meetings excluding personal engagements, like my daughter’s spring
dance. I am a perpetual over-scheduler and this number is lower than
normal since it includes one half-day and one full-day event. If there’s
a vice that I’m working on, this is it.”

How do you run meetings?“I like to use a mix of formality (setting
the agenda) and informality like doing a round table in our staff
meeting. I’m usually most interested in hearing from other people in the
room and making sure everyone has a chance to contribute. I’m happiest
when meetings include brainstorming and lots of open-ended questions. I
love testing thoughts, ideas and hypotheses. I find outcomes are always
better when multiple people weigh in. I try to facilitate meetings so
that everyone has an opportunity to speak up, with no self-censorship.
On Fridays I take my daughter to school and do my one-on-ones over
coffee or during a walk around Green Lake.”

Everyday work uniform?“Most comfortable in jeans and a sweater.
Shoes that feel like slippers: Nikes or my new Rothy’s. I’m cold about
nine months out of the year, so you’ll usually find me wearing a scarf.
If I’m meeting clients or hosting an event I’ll dress more ‘like a
grownup.’ I don’t own heels.”

How do you make time for family?“When my daughter was 7 she read me
the riot act. It sounded like: ‘Mom why are you always at work? Why
don’t you ever take me to school? How come only dad knows my friends’
phone numbers?.’ That was a big wake-up call for me, and I’ve made
family time a higher priority ever since. I take my daughter to school
every Friday and unless I’m at an event, we all have dinner together. A
big part of launching my own company was being able to set my own
schedule and work on my own terms. No matter how flexible, most
companies still have a culture of face time where you have to show up in
the morning and stay until evening regardless of whether that’s helping
you get your work done. I work hard to fit most of my work into my
Monday-Friday schedule, so I can spend evenings and weekends with my
husband and kids.”

Best stress reliever? How do you unplug?“I love to read. It’s such a
quick and accessible escape. I do read on Kindle, so not 100 percent
unplugged. Getting outside is liberating and I walk a ton. If the
weather is nice, you’ll find me walking to meetings anywhere between
Pioneer Square and South Lake Union. On the weekends I walk to Leschi or
around Seward Park.”

What are you listening to?“Ed Sheeran, Amy Winehouse and Old Crow
Medicine Show. I’ve also recently gotten back into Pearl Jam. At home I
listen to my husband playing guitar (right now they’re practicing Hotel

In addition to music, I listen to a ton of podcasts including How It Is,
WorkLife with Adam Grant, Bloomberg’s The Pay Check, Embedded, New
Yorker Fiction, Tim Ferris’s Tribe of Mentors, Harvard Business Review’s
Women at Work, Hidden Brain, Freakonomics, The Law of Startups.”

Daily reads? Favorite sites and newsletters?“Daily reads include
GeekWire, Puget Sound Business Journal, Washington Post and CNN. I start
every day with social: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. I read
newsletters including Daniel Pink and MomWarrior, as well as listening
to TED Talks and YouTube. ‘We Should All Be

by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is a TED Talk I recommend. If the title
scares you, trust me you will laugh while you learn.”


Clockwise from the top left: Sjohn Jepsen, practice lead; Mikaela Kiner,
founder and CEO; Marlyn Chu, engagement manager and legal counsel;
Michelle Fink, operations manager; Calli Fuchigami, finance manager;
Hanako Olmer, associate practice lead. Not pictured: Cheryl Ingram,
newly appointed advisor to the team. (UniquelyHR Photo)

Book on your nightstand (or e-reader)?“Top of the pile right now are
Rand Fishkin’s ‘Lost and Founder,’ Michael Ondaatje’s newest book
‘Warlight’ and ‘The Myth of the Nice Girl’ by Fran Hauser. Also a stack
of New Yorkers.”

Night owl or early riser?“So early. I am almost always in bed by 10
p.m. and get up at 5:30 a.m. at the latest. Some days I wake up at 4
a.m. and just go with it. With two kids and three cats, I don’t always
sleep that well. But I find that I’m at my best in the morning and
getting an early start means I can have a productive day and get home
for dinner. I believe in Richard Leider’s concept of the ‘golden hour’ —
doing your creative work when your energy level is highest. For me,
that’s first thing in the morning.”

Where do you get your best ideas?“I talk to so many incredible
people every day. Seattle’s startup community is full of friends,
clients and entrepreneurs so there’s no shortage of good conversations.
I listen for themes: what’s bothering people, what they’re struggling
with, what they’re most proud of, etc. During the week, I take in lots
of information. The ideas and insights usually come in the middle of the
night, or on weekends or when I’m out for a walk.”

Whose work style would you want to learn more about or
“There are so many, but one I think of frequently is my
long-time friend and mentor Jerry Hunter, senior vice president of
engineering at Snap. He’s one of the most brilliant, high
emotional-intelligence leaders I’ve worked with. Jerry always takes the
high road, is unflappable and has high integrity. When I’m in a bind, I
literally ask myself ‘What would Jerry do?’ and it helps me lead in the
way I aspire to.

I’m getting to know Cheryl Ingram, who I’m excited to say has joined
uniquelyHR as our first advisor. Cheryl is a powerful speaker with a
strong point of view. She’s on a mission to change the world and she is
not shy. Cheryl has a rare balance of honesty and empathy. She’s my new
role model.”

Check out @lameramitotera’s Tweet:
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Twitter: Melina Juárez Pérez on Twitter (Melina Juárez Pérez)


Officials: Weinstein to Surrender in Sexual Misconduct Probe

#snopes #factcheck ##metoo #harveyweinstein #NYPD

Anzügliche Bemerkungen und Gesten - #MeToo zieht weiter Kreise. Mehrere Frauen werfen dem Oscar-Preisträger Morgan Freeman vor, sie sexuell belästigt zu haben. Der 80-Jährige reagierte darauf mit einer Entschuldigung.
Morgan Freeman soll Frauen sexuell belästigt haben | DW | 24.05.2018
#MorganFreeman #MeToo #HarveyWeinstein #Hollywood


Women accuse Morgan Freeman of inappropriate behavior, harassment

#TrumpCurse #rofl #humor #fun #lol #pound #MeToo

"The court’s decision — which Justice Ginsburg, in dissent, called “egregiously wrong” — tips the scales even further in favor of employers and large corporations, at the expense of workers."


The Supreme Court Favors Forced Arbitration at the Expense of Workers’ Rights

#aclu #civilrights #usa
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Die frühere Schwimm-Weltmeisterin Ariana Kukors Smith wirft dem Verband USA Swimming vor, vom sexuellen Missbrauch durch ihren Ex-Trainer gewusst zu haben. Der Verband bestreitet dies.
#Metoo: Ex-US-Schwimmstar verklagt Verband | DW | 22.05.2018
#ArianaKukorsSmith #Missbrauch #USASwimming #USOC #LarryNassar #Missbrauchsskandal #Turnen #Schwimmen

SCOTUS: Employers can ban class action lawsuits in arbitration

Source: Politico

“The Supreme Court, dealing a potential blow to the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment, ruled that employers can require as a condition of employment that workers waive their rights to participate in class action lawsuits. In a 5-4 ruling on a trio of cases penned by Justice Neil Gorsuch, the court’s Republican majority sided with businesses whose employment contracts include mandatory arbitration clauses that prevent class action lawsuits. Instead, workers who take to the courts against an employer must do so as individuals.” (05/21/18)

\#arbitration #supreme-court-of-the-united-states
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Act now to end workplace violence worldwide

Want to end sexual harassment and violence at work for the world's most vulnerable women? A new international law is being discussed next week that could help to do just that. But it needs the support of the UK government.

#metoo #timesup #Care #WomensRights #WorkplaceHarassment #WorkplaceViolence #ViolenceAgainstWomen #SexualHarrassment #Equality #

Der große Sieger kommt aus Japan - aber auch der politische Film von US-Regisseur Spike Lee über den Ku-Klux-Klan und den Rassenhass in den USA bekam einen Preis. Darüber hinaus hat die italienische Schauspielerin Asia Argento mit einer kämpferischen Rede gegen Harvey Weinstein und sexuellen Missbrauch die Gäste der Abschlussgala beim Filmfest Cannes berührt.
Filmfestival in Cannes: "Mehr Menschlichkeit!"
#WDR2 #Cannes #Metoo

Neue Entwicklungen zu #MeToo: Schmerz, nicht harmloses Vergnügen #ChristianKracht #DieterWedel #metoo #NobelpreisfürLiteratur #Alltag #Gesellschaft

\#BalanceTonPorc ou pourquoi cochon rime avec sexe

Hommes répugnants et porcs: une association qui date.

Misgav Har-Peled, École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS)

\#BalanceTonPorc : le hashtag lancé par la journaliste Sandra Muller le 13 octobre 2017 est rapidement devenu un slogan viral en France, faisant écho au #MeToo de l’anglophone. Fort de son succès, le hashtag est devenu aujourd’hui un site à part entière où victimes de harcèlement, d’agressions sexuelles ou de viols peuvent témoigner anonymement.

L’expression, dès ses premiers usages avait frappé l’opinion : pourquoi cette référence au porc ? Que signifie-t-elle, et que nous dit-elle sur le hashtag en lui-même ? S’agit-il d’une simple insulte ou d’une référence péjorative à l’animalité ?

Dans une interview donnée le 15 octobre au journal Le Monde la journaliste expliquait la raison de ce choix :
« C’est très fort en termes d’image et cela permet aussi de mettre de la distance par rapport au bourreau. Il y a un côté vulgaire et populaire pour interpeller le plus grand nombre ».
Cette formule fait aussi directement référence au producteur Harvey Weinstein, affublé d’un surnom peu flatteur, « le Porc », dans les coulisses du Festival de Cannes.

Grossier, oui. Mais l’utilisation de ce mot a été perçue comme une inversion bienvenue des rôles, surtout sur le plan sexuel, où les femmes sont souvent représentées ou désignées comme des truies. Une simple recherche sur Pornhub renvoie une multitude d’expressions ou d’images porcines visant à animaliser les femmes. Mais, bien avant l’apparition du porno sur Internet, les cochons étaient déjà largement utilisés comme métaphores du sexe ou de la luxure, en France comme ailleurs.

Comment l’imagerie autour de notre cousin le porc a-t-elle évolué ? Et comment a-t-elle aussi bien été utilisée par les féministes que par leurs détracteurs ?

« Discours porcin »

En France, #BalanceTonPorc s’inscrit dans une longue tradition de grivoiserie hédoniste et de discours volontairement ignominieux qui remontent au Marquis de Sade. On retrouve très clairement ce type de propos dans la morale de la chanson paillarde La Rirette datée de la fin du XVIIIe siècle. La chanson, qui, sur un air enjoué décrit un viol, rappelle aux femmes que « les hommes sont des cochons » mais aussi que « les femmes aiment les cochons ».

« La Rirette »<, chanson datant de la fin du XVIIIᵉ ou du début du XIXᵉ siècle.Faisons un bon en avant. Au XXe siècle l’association entre cochons, hommes et luxure est désormais monnaie courante. N’entend-on pas dans La traversée de Paris, du réalisateur Claude Autant-Lara (1956) Jean Gabin déclarer :
« Dans chaque Français, il y a un cochon qui sommeille. Et dans chaque homme, peut-être. »
Tout au long du XXe siècle, les références porcines restent liées au désir sexuel et aux hommes qui courent après les femmes. Mais elles mutent petit à petit en un symbole plus fort qui apparaît à la fin des années 1960 et s’inscrit dans le discours féministe, faisant également écho à la libération sexuelle.

La traversée de Paris (Claude Autant-Lara, 1956), avec Louis de Funès, Bourvil et Jean Gabin.La vague féministe radicale post-mai 68

À cette époque, aux États-Unis, le mot anglais pig (porc) est accolé à l’expression male chauvinist (phallocrate), dérivée du terme chauvin qui désignait dans les années 1930 un homme excessivement patriote.

Image/photoLa pancarte lit « Tremblez, phallocrates, les cochons d’aujourd’hui sont le bacon de demain » lors d’une manifestation de femmes pour l’égalité, en mai 1970.
Richard Grayson/ThoughtcatalogCette toute nouvelle expression, male chauvinist pig (porc phallocrate), voit le jour dans un contexte marqué par d’importantes manifestations féministes aux États-Unis contre le concours de beauté « Miss America » (1968), le sit-in au Ladies’ Homes Journal et la manifestation des femmes pour l’égalité (1970), à New York.

Utiliser le cochon comme métaphore afin de dénoncer les inégalités et l’oppression politique était inévitable pour cette génération de femmes (et d’hommes) ayant grandi avec La Ferme des animaux de George Orwell (1945)

Dans le monde anglophone des années 1960, pig est également un terme fréquemment utilisé pour désigner les policiers, qu’illustre de manière très crue le Black Panther Coloring Book (cahier de coloriages du parti Black Panther), Off the pig ! (Tuez le cochon !). C’est également à cette époque que les Beatles sortent leur chanson Piggies (1968), suivis quelques années plus tard par Pink Floyd avec Pigs (Three Different Ones) (1977).

Piggies, des Beatles, 1968.Dans un édito de 1970 publié par le New York Times, l’humoriste Russell Baker remarque ainsi que traiter un policier de « sale porc fasciste, raciste, sexiste, et machiste ! » est « très à la mode ». En reprenant le terme de porc « les féministes veulent donc montrer à leurs camarades masculins que l’oppression des femmes est une réalité quotidienne dans la politique radicale », écrira Gloria Steinem, journaliste et grande figure féministe dix ans plus tard.

Ici, le de porc contraste avec le sentiment de supériorité du phallocrate. Et Steinman de poursuivre :
« On peut comprendre que des années à se faire traiter de poulettes, de chiennes ou de vaches aient pu engendrer un désir d’inverser les rôles ».
Effectivement, dans un sens, l’image du « porc phallocrate » est une réponse au lapin de Playboy.

Réactions antiféministes

L’expression fait tellement parler d’elle que les antiféministes, ne pouvant garder le silence, réagissent en utilisant la dérision, l’identification positive (en vantant et assumant le fait d’être des porcs phallocrates), et en sexualisation au maximum l’expression.

La bande dessinée Avengers (1970) présente ainsi une caricature du mouvement féministe. Une nouvelle guerrière dite féministe, Valkyrie, fait son apparition. Cette méchante manipule les héroïnes (les Libératrices) en prétendant les libérer de la domination masculine. Sur la couverture, Valkyrie est représentée le pied sur la tête d’un autre super-héro. Elle lance : « Les filles, finissons-en avec ces porcs phallocrates ! » Dans une autre scène, elle crie : « Au mur, sale porc phallocrate ! »

L’anti-héroïne Valkyrie a été inventée pour se moquer des féministes.
MCU Comics OriginsTel a d’ailleurs été le titre du premier article majeur que Playboy a dédié au Mouvement de libération des femmes, en mai 1970. La même année, alors que Hugh Hefner débat avec deux féministes dans l’émission The Dick Cavett Show, des militantes font irruption sur le plateau en criant « Tuez le cochon ! ». Pour Hefner, le Mouvement de libération des femmes menace ce qu’il considère être la masculinité et la libération sexuelle.

En 1973, pour prouver l’infériorité du sport féminin, l’ex-champion du monde de tennis Bobby Riggs va jusqu’à se vanter de pouvoir, à 55 ans, battre la n°1 mondiale de l’époque, Billie Jean King, qui en a alors 29.

Pour l’occasion, Riggs arbore un T-shirt « chauvinist pig », symbole prisé par de nombreux autres militants antiféministes, et déclare :
« Si je dois être un porc phallocrate, alors je veux être le meilleur ».
Avant le début du match, il tend à la joueuse une énorme sucette Sugar Daddy (« Papa gâteau »). Celle-ci lui offre un porcelet.

Billie Jean King affronte Bobby Riggs à Houston (Texas), à l’Astrodome, Houston (Texas) le 21 septembre 1973.Résultat des courses : Riggs est battu à plates coutures.

Plus de 40 ans après, le match fera l’objet d’un film, , réalisé par Jonathan Dayton et Valerie Faris, avec Emma Stone et Steve Carell.

La réappropriation par le porno

Mais c’est l’industrie pornographique qui sabote le plus radicalement le message féministe, avec le boom du « porno chic » aux États-Unis entre 1969 et 1984. Certains de ces films sont ouvertement antiféministes, comme Women in Revolt (1971), produit par Andy Warhol et mettant en scène un groupe radical de libération des femmes, les Politically Involved Girls (Femmes politiquement engagées), ou « PIG » en VO. D’autres, comme le film pornographique The Pigkeeper’s Daughter (1972) (la fille du porcher) multiplie les associations entre les femmes, les cochons et le sexe.

Women in Revolt d’Andy Warhol (1971).La naissance de Piggy la cochonne

Ce contexte profite à , créateur de la marionnette Piggy la cochonne. Tout droit sortie de son imagination, elle rejoint Le Muppet Show en 1976. À l’inverse de son bien-aimé, Kermit la grenouille, cette truie rose et blonde est égocentrique, excentrique, féminine et très portée sur la chose.

Bien que ce personnage féminin soir percutant et doué pour le karaté (comment oublier ses « Hi-yah ! » ?), il incarne aussi le cliché de la femme moderne libérée, une caricature de la femme dominatrice.

Pourtant, au fil du temps, l’évolution de sa personnalité excessive et transgressive la transforme en figure de changement. Tant et si bien que 40 ans après sa création, Piggy la cochonne reçoit le premier prix de l’art féministe Gloria Steinem, décerné par le centre Elizabeth A. Sackler au Brooklyn Museum.

Le premier prix de l’art féministe est décerné à Peggy la cochonne, 2015.Entre 1968 et 1972, l’utilisation de la métaphore porcine dans le combat culturel entre féministes et antiféministes repousse les limites des associations entre porcs et sexe. L’argot américain intègre des termes comme hog (porc, pénis), to make piggies (avoir une relation sexuelle), beat the hog (battre le cochon, se masturber), to hog (violer) et pig pile (pile de cochons, orgie homosexuelle).

En raison de ces assimilations récurrentes entre porcs et comportements sexuels violents, l’utilisation de ce genre de termes est de plus en plus mal vue, surtout dans la culture populaire américaine.

Le tournant : Lady Gaga, DSK

Image/photoLa une du Time magazine, 2011.
_Time_ magazine.En 2011, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, alors directeur général du Fonds monétaire international, est accusé d’agression sexuelle par une employée d’un hôtel de New York. La une du Time montre un cochon rose en titrant Sex. Lies. Arrogance : What Makes Powerful Men Act Like Pigs ? (Sexe. Mensonges. Arrogance. Qu’est-ce qui pousse les hommes puissants à agir comme des porcs ?).

Cette couverture faisait ainsi écho à des publications antérieures du même magazine. En 1994, un cochon en costume demandait : Are Men Really That Bad ? (Les hommes sont-ils vraiment si horribles ?) ; en 1973, encore et toujours, un homme portait une broche « porc phallocrate ».

En fait, à l’heure de l’affaire DSK, la métaphore porcine est récriminée, et s’nscrit désormais dans la continuité de la dénonciation des violences et agressions sexuelles.

Dans la culture pop, Lady Gaga aborde le sujet du viol dans sa chanson de 2013, « Swine » (porc) dont voici in extrait du refrain traduit :
« Je sais que tu as envie de moi
Tu n’es qu’un porc dans un corps d’homme
Cochon, cochon, couine, tu me répugnes
Tu n’es qu’un porc à l’intérieur
Ordure x 4.
Live de Lady Gaga, Swine.Nouveau rebondissement avec les élections présidentielles américaines de 2016 : le sexisme et la misogynie sont désormais dénoncés à l’échelle politique.

Alicia Machado, lauréate du concours de beauté Miss Univers en 1996, accuse ainsi Donald Trump de l’avoir traitée de « Miss Piggy » et de « Miss Housekeeping » (Miss Bonniche), en raison de ses origines hispaniques. Ce que dénoncera Hillary Clinton le 23 septembre 2016.

C’est dans ce contexte qu’éclate l’affaire Harvey Weinstein, et qu’apparaît le hasthag #BalanceTonPorc.

Dans un sens, les changements de point de vue survenus pendant la période de libération sexuelle nous ont forcés à accepter notre nature porcine.

Mais ils nous ont également obligés à ajuster, au moins symboliquement, la limite entre cette nature et notre humanité. Le hashtag #BalanceTonPorc s’inscrit dans ce processus.
À paraître : « Le complexe du cochon ou la fin du modèle français d’intégration », avec David Nadjari, Paris, Arkhê, 2018.

Image/photo_Traduit de l’anglais par Typhaine Lecoq-Thual pour Fast for Word._

Misgav Har-Peled, Historien des religions, chercheur associé Centre Edgar Morin, École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS)

This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article.

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Ordered Liberty, episode 64

Source: National Review

“David and Alexandra break down the Senate Intelligence Committee’s document dump on Russia, discuss Israel’s conflict with Hamas, and how the #MeToo movement is robbing the Left of moral authority.” [various formats] (05/16/18)

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Spotify's 'Hateful Conduct' Policy Drags The Music Industry Into The #MeToo Moment


#news #npr #publicradio #usa


The streaming giant's new policy on artists who engage in 'hateful conduct' is a half-measure, but it demonstrates the power the company now wields — and the challenge it now faces.

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Women-led startups face difficulty raising follow-on rounds compared to male peers


(Photo via Bigstock)

It’s a difficult funding environment for female entrepreneurs in
today’s technology industry, where less than 3
venture capital dollars went to all-women founding teams last year.

As noted
by Axios on
Tuesday, the imbalance is also evident for follow-on funding rounds.

Data from PitchBook shows that 39 percent of U.S. VC-backed startups
with all-male founders (6,559) received follow-on funding rounds since
2008. That compares to 30 percent of companies with all-female founders
(374) who landed a follow-on investment, which also represented just 1.5
percent of all VC rounds since 2008.

All-male founding teams also receive an average of \$4 million for their
first follow-on round, compared to \$2.4 million for all-female founding

Leslie Feinzaig, founder of Seattle-based Female Founders
, said the data is consistent
with what her fellow members at FFA report.


Leslie Feinzaig speaks at the GeekWire Summit 2017. (Photo by Dan DeLong
for GeekWire)

“There’s a systematic issue at every stage of formation, advancement and
financing for female-led highly-scalable companies,” she said.

Despite the efforts of many to level the playing field for female
entrepreneurs, the numbers haven’t improved much over the past several
years, as this
column noted last month. Part of the issue, Jon Evans writes, is that
investors could be making a “a deeply cold and cynical bet.”

“… looking at their portfolio, it’s possible that venture capitalists
are, consciously or not, maliciously or not, actually making a deeply
cold and cynical bet: sometimes — often — betting on (relatively)
mediocre white men on the grounds that their systemic advantages
outweigh any/all greater talent and ability of underrepresented
counterparts in whom VCs could invest,” he wrote.

It could also be related to a lack of diversity within VC firms
themselves. More than 500 venture-backed entrepreneurs in March put
their support behind Founders for
an initiative that launched out of the \#MeToo movement and aims to
increase diversity among VC firms. A 2016
conducted by the
National Venture Capital Association and Deloitte found that 11 percent
of VC firm investment partners were women.

Feinzaig said the data about follow-on funding rounds should represent
an opportunity for investors because “female founders are the grittiest
in the world.”

“You have to be an abnormally talented and gritty entrepreneur to
persist in the face of these odds,” she said.

Feinzaig added that there is an ongoing “market correction in the works”
and pointed to new funds from firms like Backstage
Female Founders

“I believe that fortunes will be made by those on the right side of this
market correction,” she said. “The good news is that you don’t have to
be a female founder to participate — you just have to invest in us.”

A Democratic spring? Twelve left challengers taking on party establishment

Source: In These Times
by Theo Anderson

“he shock of Donald Trump’s election inspired an organized, determined resistance on many fronts and in many forms. One could be called a ‘democratic spring’: a long-germinating rebellion within the Democratic Party that gained strength with Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential bid and might just save the withered institution from itself. The Left has sprouted an independent electoral infrastructure, including the formation of new groups like Our Revolution, Justice Democrats, Indivisible and Brand New Congress; the invigoration of existing political organizations like the Working Families Party; and a shift toward greater electoral engagement by groups like People’s Action and the Democratic Socialists of America. Another trend, propelled by Trump’s grotesque misogyny and the emergence of the #MeToo movement, is a surge in the number of women running for office. As of mid-April, 331 women had filed to run, easily beating the old record of 298, set in 2012. Of those, Democrats outnumber Republicans 248 to 83.” (05/14/18)

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According to them, she shouldn't carry a gun, but write a lot of #metoo Twitter posts after having been victimized.

Opfer und Täter sexueller Belästigung: Ende des Schweigens #metoo #sexuelleBelästigung #Solidarität #Frauenbewegung #Gender #Alltag #Gesellschaft

Umgang mit Vorwürfen beim WDR: Klappe zu und durch? #WDR #metoo #sexuelleBelästigung #Vorwürfe #Lesestück #Alltag #Gesellschaft


„Frauen sind doch keine schützenswerten Subjekte!“


„Frauen sind doch keine schützenswerten Subjekte!“

#MeToo-kritische Streitschrift: Nein zur Gewalt, Ja zur Lust #metoo #Feminismus #Patriarchat #Debatte #Gesellschaft