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Hi everyone,
I'm a high school graduate just entering the world of social media. My friend introduced me to #Mastodon as an alternative to selling my soul to Google or Facebook.
I saw the words "anarchists" and "feminists" and immediately chose this Instance 😁
Currently running a campaign among school friends, trying to convert them to #XMPP and break the stranglehold of WhatsApp and Hangouts


New to Mastodon
Abolitionist vegan, learning about women's rights, gender issues, and anarchism
Came here from Non-Compete's channel
Looking forward to being exposed to new, radical ideas

Hallo Welt,
hier ist, der deutschsprachige Ableger von @switchingsocial 🙂

Wir möchten den Wechsel zu freier und offener Software möglichst einfach machen. Dazu gehört für uns auch, dass wir Interessierte in ihrer Muttersprache erreichen. 🇩🇪

Aktuell stehen wir noch ganz am Anfang. Die Webseite ist noch im Aufbau, deshalb findet das meiste in GitLab statt. Helfende Hände sind dort stets willkommen 💻

#Introduction #NewHere #DeleteFacebook #DeleteGoogle #DeleteTwitter

#introduktion #introduction
Hej. Jeg er ny på #diaspora og #datataffel. Jeg kører en #mastodon instans for min familie, men overvejer at skifte til diaspora i stedet og gøre den offentlig. Det er primært på grund af aspekter, det virker som en fed feature.
Hvad er jeres indtryk af forskellene?

Hi I like trying instances and this one looks like it's really my kind of place. #introduction post time!

I guess first and foremost I'm a video gaming enthusiast. I'm also a trans woman with a passion for trans advocacy. I typically don't post politics a lot but i'm an anarchocommunist. Gimme the bread!

I'm a mouse furry (squeaks up to my mouse friends) and friend to all Pokemon.

Hi all. My name's Chris Were and I work as a reporter at the Monmouthshire Beacon.

I'm not new to the #Fediverse but I thought I'd join Toot.Wales since it's a bit more relevant to what I do and looks like a really fun place to be.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you all.

#Introduction #Introductions

ich bin noch neu hier, daher hier mal eine #introduction:
Ich lebe #vegan und möchte mit euch allen zusammen die Welt retten. Daher fahre ich #fahrrad und versuche #zerowaste.
Ich übersetze aus Englisch und Chinesisch ins Deutsche. #translator
Ich lerne #esperanto #eo, schreibe zu wenig und blogge unter
Weitere Interessen:
#Klima #Umweltschutz #Nachhaltigkeit
#bge #bedingungslosesgrundeinkommen #grundeinkommen
#bulletjournal #bujo
#Linux #opensource

Toot! Hi there. I just moved here in sewarch for some fellow #rpg people. I moved to #mewe when g+ when offline, but it's quite quiet over there. I was a #dnd guy, now more or less moved to #dungeonworld, but I'm open to many systems. I also blog on as much as my #family permits, play #volleyball, am into #running and from #Germany. Mostly #chaoticgood. #introduction


Introduction to Genetic Algorithms

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#HackerNews #algorithms #genetic #introduction
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#introduction Hi everyone! My name is Kim Kennedy and I am the Digital Production Coordinator at Northeastern University Library in Boston! I'm interested in digital preservation, A/V materials, digitization, metadata, and copyright. So excited to learn from you all!


Content warning: Introduction

hi i'm eris and i'm a queer/disabled artist in melbourne!! i think girls are really pretty and i draw them a lot #introduction #introductions

Hello everyone! I'm Scarlet! #introduction

For the most part, I'm looking for an outlet for my all of my pent-up #ffxiv energy, so let's connect if you're about that world! One of my deepest interests is fantasy costume design - which is why MMOs like FF14 are such a good match for me.

If you post cute original character art or biting commentary, I'll probably send you a follow request. Hopefully I'm witch-adjacent enough to fit in! <img class=">

Madre mía ese chiste aún anda por ahí! Acabo de volver a tener ocho años 😂

Para que te hagan caso hazte un post de presentación y etiquétalo como #introduction o #presentación. Y habla con la gente, esto es como un bar.

Ongi etorri! Cuesta un poco acostumbrarse al principio porque aquí hay otros códigos, pero la gente es muy maja.

Es típico escribir un post de presentación y marcarla con #introduction o #presentación para que sepamos lo que hacéis.

Para lo que necesitéis aquí estoy 😀

heres what id like to tell you, my nintendo ds lite is pink #introduction


Hi I'm Dave,

I have been floating around mastodon for a year. I'm a bit of a tinkerer so I have tried to start my own instance but it wasnt my thing.

I have a degree in Archaeology and ancient Semitic languages. I worked with at risk kids and teens for the past 10 years. Absolutely loved it but got burned out emotionally. Currently a stay at home dad.

Working on my Certified Openstack Admin and Hyperledger Admin certs. Passionate about opensource implementations in non profits



It may be a bit late, but I think I should do the #introduction thingy.

I've used #Twitter for almost 9 years, but I dislike it for the same reasons I dislike #Google, #Facebook and other big commercial data harvesters. I've run my own DNS, web, mail, chat and other servers for some 15 years, so I decided to get "my own Facebook and Twitter" as well.

After having tried #Diaspora, #Friendica, #Hubzilla and #Mastodon, I'm now settling for Hubzilla. It may look a bit awkward and clunky when compared with Mastodon, but it does everything it should do, including talking to pretty much the entire world.

So... You'll still see me on Twitter (WoefdramCX), and I'll keep my Mastodon account open for now, but this one here is "my" account.

Hello I decided to place my personal Mastodon account at Fosstodon,

I'm excited to join the community here to learn more about #FOSS projects.

I'm the founder of @Openwords

And I have a variety of interests in #openscience #OER #openpeerreview #workercoop #socent #commons #geography #Linux

I also run an English language editing group for nonnative English speakers.

I'm located on #HongKong island 🇭🇰 & 🇺🇸

Feel free to say hello!

#introduction I've been lurking here for a while now thought I might officially introduce myself. I am a software developer, cartographer, FOSS enthusiast, and bird watcher. I love to develop in #vim #javascript and #python on #fedora with an #ergodoxez


Hello! I'm the DM of a relatively small group of beginner players, and a beginner myself. I've had interest in D&D for well over a year now and can finally play with friends!

I'm a student in secondary school, leaning heavily towards chemistry and physics.

If I were to play, I'd probably pick a sorcerer, or a pirate.
I wanted to join this community mostly to discuss homebrew.

And that's about it. See you around!

crazy picture lady 📸
taking photos of anything and anyone at any time

Bona tarda a tots! Gràcies per acollir un rossellonès en aquesta instància.

Aquest compte em servirà de compte de socors per @felip, però segur que passaré per aquí de quant en quant 😉 !



Content warning: Intro since I migrated from

#introduction because I haven't done this in a bit.

🌿 Ash.
🔯 Jew :witchyfly: Witch. JewWitch. Moderately serious about both.
:fortune_tarot_card: Tarot reader, astrologer, occasional spellcaster, mother of 1 cat and many plants.
:blobcatmmm: More sincereposting than shitposting.
💍 Late 30s, married and mono, which surprises me as much as anyone else.
👩🏻‍🏫 Absent-minded professor.
:heart_pride: Bi :heart_bi: and nonbinary :heart_nb:
💥 Can't wait to be an energy being tho tbh.
:QueerCatHeart_Enby: "She" is totally ok, "they" is also pretty cool.
🌙 Every grey cardigan in the world.
:commie: Smash capitalism.

#introduction hi! my name is ree, i'm from the US (east coast) i have no idea what this is or how to use it but i'm sick of other social media platforms and i'm looking for a place to connect with fellow leftists, queer people, feminists, and people of color!

i'm not big into gaming but i love to talk about politics, personal development, new age spirituality, make up and beauty culture, and whether sex and the city is actually feminist as fuck!

feel free to hit me up and follow , i look forward to getting to know you guys!

Hello world !
My name is Maxime Launois and I live in Paris. I'm here because I don't like privacy invaders such as Facebook, Instagram and the like... and I think I'll be on this Mastodon instance for a while.

I'm interested in FOSS and try to use them as much as I can. I like coding for the Web and mobile platforms. I also like art.

Here are things I'm working on (some projects need update): particular this project:

For those who haven't heard of us before, #LimeSurvey is an online survey software that helps users develop and publish online surveys, collect responses, create statistics, and export the resulting data to other applications. It is a #FOSS written in #PHP which was created in 2003, distributed under GPLv2.

The development is governed at the moment by LimeSurvey GmbH, which was co-founded by the long-term project leader Carsten Schmitz.



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welcome to 👋 Thank you a lot for the follow.

If you are in the mood, you can share a first toot introducing yourself (add #Introduction) so others may find you more easily.


A Gentle Introduction to Text Summarization in Machine Learning

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#HackerNews #gentle #introduction #learning #machine #summarization #text
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Hello everyone,

Brief #introduction about me, I'm an undergraduate student studying Psychology and hope to one day contribute to research in cognitive/child psychology.

I'm looking to meet others in the Psychology field. Also, considering seems to have individuals from so many diverse fields/areas of research, I can't wait to learn about everyone's ideas.

Great to be here #mastodon! I am Andy, #geek in the making, learning to #code and great interest in #cryptocurrencies. I am working on a #microbility startup. #introduction

Hi, I am #newhere. I've been on Mastodon a bit, but this is new to me. I do have a few questions:

1) Any good Android apps for this platform?

2) Is there any way to filter languages? I don't mind seeing other languages, it's just faster to scroll through if I can hide things I can't read because I'm an ignorant American 😂

#NewHere : works almost the same as #Introduction.

#ff : for follow suggestions.

#Mastodon / #fediverce / your own instance hashtag ( #Inditoot, for me, for example) : needs no explaining, can be great for asking for opinions of general public.

Hi everybody! I'm krinnen, from Argentina, I #conlang, #conworld, do #fantasycartography and play #ttrpg.
For the past 10y, I almost exclusively gm'd burning wheel games, currently running a 100+ sessions campaign and another turned 50 last Friday. Cheers!

Spent the evening watching the #Astros beat the #Yankees. Baseball has so many wonderful metaphors for life, and it’s incredibly dramatic and poignant at every moment. I don’t always like how emotionally invested I become and how raw I can be, but the joy, the peace, and the beauty make it worthwhile. #introduction


Content warning: introductions ahoy

#Introduction hi! I'm from tumblr. I came here because of the lack of porn actually haha. But I'm into politics too! I'm from a left wing organization from Argentina. I guess later will post something else... I'm super busy with uni stuff, work, but I'll give it a try! bye!!


Fuchsia OS Introduction

This article was originally linked Dr. Xu Zhongxing speech: Fuchsia OS profile and download the slide , reprinted with permission to know almost by column, For reprint please get the original author…

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#HackerNews #fuchsia #introduction
Article content:

... show more

hello mastodon!

we now have an official mastodon account to keep you updated about the most recent development on sn0int, the only #osint framework that comes with a package manger.

We have some bigger features in the pipeline, stay tuned!

#introduction #infosec #security #privacy #opensource #rustlang

#introduction hello! I'm a human, and I like cats, and kinda nervous right now! I'm 19, & in college ya know livin' the life!!!! Kinda pan, kinda like pretty girls, kinda ace. (sher/her) I haven't dabbled much in the witchy things, but yeah! Uhm!! If you are reading this I hope you have a great day! and if you ever need a rlly bad joke I'll try and find one for you! :) Thanks!

🎉 we're live! 🎉
#introduction #mastoadmin

hello, everyone! we're Gentler Earth, a small instance for people who're making the world a gentler place through their online activity

we hope to meet you all very soon! feel free to ask for an invite! 😊

oh hey there fediverse

I'm just a little (not really little) trans witch who tries to find her way around the internet, collecting bits and pieces of knowledge in an #orgmode grimoire written in #emacs. I follow no particular way, instead collecting knowledge and integrating it into my own framework. People call this chaos magic I guess?

Trying to find places to collect stuff aside of #tumblr which is now probably be left by many witchy people in spite of all these bans - btw any good places to find tumblr-style grimoire/BoS excerpts?


Jepsen's distsys-class: An introduction to distributed systems

Class materials for a distributed systems lecture series - aphyr/distsys-class
Article word count: 34

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#HackerNews #distributed #distsys-class #introduction #jepsens #systems
Article content:


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I haven't really done a formal one of these so here we go:

I write essays about writing, government, philosophy, religion, software and anything else that interests me. My goal is to provide high quality evidence based content on a bi-weekly basis, and to promote the use of critical thinking.

I also write fiction on #Tapas.

I am a big proponent of FOSS and federation, and am launching the new home for my writing on @write_as

More details here:

Hi everyone!
My name’s Alanah and I’m new. I’m a biomedical science student trying to get into med and I play D&D every Thursday to help me get through uni! My latest character is a loxodon cleric named Betje in a campaign set in a Sky World, which we have just started to get into ❤️ #introduction

Hi, I'm Sam. I'm a UK mathematics 4th year MMath student hoping to do a Phd about algebraic curves next year.

I like reading non-fic, bouldering (when I'm not injured 😞) vegan.

Member of the Green party. Stockpiling beans for Brexit.

I like free software but I'm not much of a hacker myself.

I'm boringly straight and happily married.