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Godot et Blender sont dans un pipeline, où sera le shader d’eau ?

Dernières avancées de la part de YannK autour du graphisme pour le test du nouveau client Khanat sous Godot.

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#khaganat #khanat #mmorpg #libre #jeuvideo #jeuxvideos #graphisme #godot #blender


Digital Declutter and Learning Godot checkin for 2019-04-29

I'm nearing the end of my digital declutter. This is my check-in for the
  • Reduce my use of social media to only a few times per day. I've had
    some mixed success with this. I'm starting to feel the pull of
    wanting to check in more to see how folks are doing. But I've also
    found that using the tools I'm using (tootstream on the computer,
    Pluspora on the web, etc.) have allowed me to keep more of my focus.
    Tootstream doesn't auto-refresh so it's not the constant barrage of
    incoming stimuli. I think that's helpful. But it's also not as
    visual as the web.
  • No social media on the phone. See above. Though I have found that I
    can waste my time with anything (reading Ralph Vaughan Williams
    biography on Wikipedia on the phone while standing in the kitchen
    was not my proudest moment this past week).
  • No podcast catcher on the phone. This was the first thing to give as
    I mowed the lawn. When I mow the lawn I enjo
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Learning Godot while doing a digital declutter

I've been working on learning Godot for the past few weeks in
preparation for a presentation for Penguicon. (Pro-tip: if you want to
learn something in a hurry the best way I've found is to commit to a
presentation about the topic.) What's been rather interesting bout Godot
is that on the surface it seems rather simple in what it can do but can
get rather complex as you dig deeper into how it works. I've also
realized that GDScript (the language that Godot uses as a scripting
language) is really a thin layer over the internal workings of the C++
engine for Godot. That sparked an interest in learning a bit about C++
and getting more familiar with how Godot is working under the covers.
C++ is not my favorite language by a long shot (I've resisted learning
more about it in part because I find C++ a rather ugly language) but it
might be high time to sit down and give it some more attention. I'll be
digging deeper into Godot and I hope to share more of what I learn in on
this blog.

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Games: #Godot Game Engine, King Arthur's Gold, Rocket League, Rotation, Crumble, Superbug Initiative for Two Point Hospital, #Lutris #games #gnu #linux


Godot Engine – Announcing the Godot 2019 Showreel

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Godot Engine Awarded $50k by Mozilla Open Source Support Program

We are delighted to announce that Godot Engine has been awarded USD 50,000 by Mozilla as part of the Mozilla Open Source Support (MOSS) Mission Partners program. This award will be used to fund the…
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#GODOT 3.2 WILL GET PSEUDO 3D SUPPORT IN 2D ENGINE #games #gnu #linux #freesw

#Godot running on #Wayland with working HiDPI support

We're still in a desperate need of #publicdomain educational materials documenting the very basics of important topics like space or #history. Partly to address this, I've created a #
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We're still in a desperate need of #publicdomain educational materials documenting the very basics of important topics like space or #history. Partly to address this, I've created a #
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We're still in a desperate need of #publicdomain educational materials documenting the very basics of important topics like space or #history. Partly to address this, I've created a #CC0 #3D model of the #Giza pyramid complex, including the known interiors, for anyone who wants to study this great wonder of our civilization. It's a reasonably accurate 3D map of the complex.

I've also created a basic 3D flyover animation of Giza:

You can download the model here:

All made with #foss only of course: #Blender, #ffmpeg, #Gimp and so on. Already uploaded to Wikimedia Commons. I hope you will reuse it, and my hope is you will keep the derivative works in the public domain as well. It would be great if someone could e.g. create an interactive tour with the #Godot engine.


Looks like Battle for #Wesnoth is being ported to #Godot Engine Godot is #freesw

Godot 3.1 is out!

#godot #game #engine

Godot 3.1 is out!

#godot #game #engine


Godot 3.1 Released

After a bit more than one year of work, the Godot developers and contributors are delighted to get their new release out the door, Godot 3.1! It brings much-requested improvements to usability and…
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#Godot 3.1 is out

Another beta build for #Godot Engine 3.1, beta 5!
We're really close the final release :)

The free and open source game engine 'Godot Engine' has a third 3.1 beta out #godot #gnu #linux #games #freesw

There's a nice new game in #fdroid since since yesterday: TowerJumper (Casual ability game) -

Made with #godot.

Bonjour tout le monde, je suis #nouveauici. Je fais partie de l'équipe de développement de #godot-engine. Je suis passionné par le #logiciel-libre de manière générale, mais de part mon intérêt avec #godot, je suis aussi les actualité #gamedev. J'utilise aussi #mastodon. Je découvre Diaspora* grâce à #framasoft, merci beaucoup à eux !