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‪#onthisday in #1987 SDF-1 received its first caller at 300 baud #happybirthday to this #anime #bbs still here and growing after 32 years #netbsd #unix50 #thankyou ARPA members #cake

‘While any visitor to the site can watch its videos, only fully registered members are allowed to upload videos or leave a bullet comment. Currently, registration involves passing a hundred-question test about anime trivia (“In the Fate series, which magic is the Einzborn family fighting over the Holy Grail in hopes of recovering?”) and bullet comment etiquette’

I like a very large number of things about this article:

Very Snow Crash. #bilibili #china #anime

Wer gerne in die japanische Kultur eintauchen möchte, der kann an diesem Wochenende auf der Messe DoKomi in Düsseldorf Manga, Anime und Videospiele erleben. #Lokalzeit #Düsseldorf #Messe #Manga #Anime #DoKomi #NRW

- #pictures #images #photos #foto #photo #photography #photograph #photographs

- #pictures #images #photos #foto #photo #photography #photograph #photographs


Recently got some stellar merch in from @fakenerd! I've been eyeballing their clothes for ages and finally grabbed some! ☺️ I'm legit happy I did. It fits nicely, the material is soft, and the design is PERFECT. I love how it takes up the entire space of the shirt. I'm also a huge fan of all the color! Looking forward to more gear xD 📸 Thank you @hazardousarts For the wonderful photos! #fakenerdgear #fakenerd #anime #animeclothing #merch #photography #model #clothing #gunsImage/Photo

:: 41-115 Aha ::
A drawing of my OCs doing stuff. I lazily coloured it. I was super excited at first, putting effort into the background; but then the motivation just faded away. 😅

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:: 41-115 Aha ::
A drawing of my OCs doing stuff. I lazily coloured it. I was super excited at first, putting effort into the background; but then the motivation just faded away. 😅

Shintaro takes Rocío out on a date, eating frozen goods on a cold afternoon (typical weather there). He is having milkshake while she is having ice cream. Suddenly, they find themselves 'accompanied' by their two friends, Sindri and Manel.

This is because Manel curiously finds a fragment of an amethyst floating in the middle of the nearby road. He is very sure he has seen it before. Sindri isn't sure what to make of this discovery, but he is sure Manel will enlighten him. In the background is Vic whose job... show more


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Sushi, Origami und Manga - das alles mag nach einem ganz normalen Nachmittag in Tokyo oder Osaka klingen. Aber einmal im Jahr können Japan-Fans die Kultur des Landes der aufgehenden Sonne auch im Rheinland genießen. #Düsseldorf #Rheinland #Japan #Japantag #Anime #Manga #Cosplay #Origami #Taiko #Fukushima #Ikebana

Yes, stories such as these are repeating themselves every day all over the Western world. Welcome to the Club! \o/

We've all had our hearts broken, it opened our eyes and made us stronger men. Be grateful for that early experience – it's much worse when it happens later in life (divorce, loss of custody for your kids, loss of your wealth/community/friends, …).

PUA can help you with more redpills, whitepills, but also many blackpills. Go down that road, embrace Return of Kings and the Manosphere. Learn game, learn dread, learn physiognomy. These are extremely valuable skills and they'll enrich your life.

Oh, and you'll always have #anime! :D

This looks like it could be fun when complete.


#anime #nausicaa

:: 41-111 Oh, Is That So? ::
Idun not believe you. Idun sceptical. Idun wants evidence.

My OC, little Idun, younger sister to my butterball, Sindri. Idun is of the Aquila race, a race that is typically mistaken as Harpies by the humans. The Aquilas don't mind, so I guess I won't either.


Drawn using colour pencils, black pen, and stamps.
Originally from my dA [here].
You may also commission this style from me via my [Chibi Shop]. :)

#oc #character #art #drawing #mywork #illustration #deviantart #chibi #anime #kunst #arte #арт
Image/Photo This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
Please do not copy, trace, claim, steal, or edit my work and characters in any way without my permission.
If sharing outside of Diaspora, please credit me AND link back to this post or my dA page/post. Thank you.

DeviantArt: 41-111 Oh, Is That So? (EarlyOnion)