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UK bans gambling ads from sites and games that target kids

The UK will prohibit child-friendly websites and video games from running gambling ads, a move that poses potential ramifications for app developers, soccer stars and social media influencers alike. Starting April 1st, gambling companies will be bann…

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UK bans gambling ads from sites and games that target kids

KARE-TV was first alerted to the "parking lot price switch" by Target shopper Miranda Artz, who noticed the phenomenon while buying an electric razor last spring.

"It was $99.99 in the store, so I bought it," said Artz - only to find that the product was $69.99 on her Target app in the parking lot.

Artz went back in the store to deal with customer service, and noticed that the price had jumped back to $99.99. When she went back out to the parking lot, she noticed the price drop again, so she took a screenshot to show customer service, which then refunded the difference.
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Just because, i need the link to this video from time to time.

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Bitcoin Explained - The Sequel


How MacDo will regret bringing this their case to court!
It is amusing to see how the competitors are making use of the opportunity ;-)

He he he. Thanks for posting (original post )

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Burger King Trolls McDonald’s Yet Again With an Entire Menu Mocking the Big Mac

How MacDo will regret bringing this their case to court!
It is amusing to see how the competitors are making use of the opportunity ;-)

He he he. Thanks for posting (original post )

#bigmac #mcdonalds #burgerking #advertising
Burger King Trolls McDonald’s Yet Again With an Entire Menu Mocking the Big Mac

Privacy tip #4

Turn off location. PART 2


Apart from Edge, which has to be tweaked from the W10 OS, most browsers can have their location services disabled through their menu. I cannot list EVERY browser in existence here, as I have a life. If you have other browser location tweaks, please share.

1. Click on Chrome’s menu and select the cog symbol – SETTINGS
2. Click the SHOW ADVANCED SETTINGS link at the bottom. Don’t be afraid of the ‘advanced’ implication, this has been worded to scare off timid sheep from reclaiming their privacy.
3. Click the CONTENT SETTINGS button under PRIVACY. While we’re here, consider unchecking the boxes urging us to use web services to ‘resolve navigational errors’ or ‘prediction services’ to auto complete our searches. This is just more telemetry.


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Just decided I don't need Yahoo News!

"Before you continue...
Yahoo is part of Oath. Oath and our partners need your consent to access your device and use your data (including location) to understand your interests, and provide and measure personalised ads. Oath will also provide you personalised ads on partner products. Learn More. Select 'OK' to continue and allow Oath and our partners to use your data, or select 'Manage options' to view your choices."
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Just decided I don't need Yahoo News!

"Before you continue...
Yahoo is part of Oath. Oath and our partners need your consent to access your device and use your data (including location) to understand your interests, and provide and measure personalised ads. Oath will also provide you personalised ads on partner products. Learn More. Select 'OK' to continue and allow Oath and our partners to use your data, or select 'Manage options' to view your choices."
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I know this is just a stupid #advertising but it is so ruthless.

What is the #Future of #Blockchain and #Advertising?

Blockchain technology could soon give users more control over their social media and digital ad experience.


Venal Research

I see this as the modern equivalent of venal poetry. (0)
The Enlightenment ideal, which all universities claim to endorse, is that everyone should think for themselves. So why do they run departments in which researchers explore new means of blocking this capacity?

Among the “neutralising” techniques it highlighted were “disguising the persuasive intent of the message”; distracting our attention by using confusing phrases that make it harder to focus on the advertiser’s intentions; and “using cognitive depletion as a tactic for reducing consumers’ ability to contest messages”. This means hitting us with enough advertisements to exhaust our mental resources, breaking down our capacity to think.

... researchers advised that the best means to enhance “the authentic persuasive appeal of a celebrity endorser” whose standing has slipped is to get them to display “a Duchenne smile”, otherwise known as “a genuine smile”. It precisely anatomised such
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When you use FB and upload your contacts to FB, you are allowing them to target people like me (conscientious FB objector) without our permission.

To test the shadow information finding, the researchers tried a real-world test. They uploaded a list of hundreds of landline numbers from Northeastern University. These are numbers that people who work for Northeastern are unlikely to have added to their accounts, though it’s very likely that the numbers would be in the address books of people who know them and who might have uploaded them to Facebook in order to “find friends.” The researchers found that many of these numbers could be targeted with ads, and when they ran an ad campaign, the ad turned up in the Facebook news feed of Mislove, whose landline had been included in the file; I confirmed this with my own test targeting his landline number.

“It’s likely that he was shown the ad because someone else uploaded his contact information via contact importer,” a Facebook spokesperson confirmed when I told the company about ... Show more...

Advertising and venture capital is corrupting the internet to the point where it's become mainly an elaborate shell game with no real purpose.

Click stats, AI features and even some brick-and-mortar shops are being faked in order to con advertisers and investors into paying huge sums of money:

The article isn't sure about alternatives, but I'd suggest the alternative is right here on whatever platform you're using to read this post 👍 😉 😎

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Captiv8 report highlights data for spotting fake followers

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Captiv8 report highlights data for spotting fake followers

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Captiv8 report highlights data for spotting fake followers

TechCrunch: Captiv8 report highlights data for spotting fake followers (Anthony Ha)

#Mastercard #advertising with a woman that had 1 day of vacation in over 5 years!
What the actual fuck capitalism.

Venal symbol draining raises the tide of insignificancy: advertising. Neil Postman's Technopoly elaborates the idea that "the dissemination of semantic wisdom … can be equally well given by departments of history, political science, chemistry, English, or home economics … ". S.I. Hayakawa's supports and extends Richards' point: "… great words … have become suspect: so that when people hear or see them they assume they are being got at? Where these words are no longer understood, men no longer understand themselves." (IaR) Following up with Yeats you wonder who you would allow to "make and unmake"(Yeats) us…

Poetry and Advertising (1946)

by S.I. Hayakawa

One does not often mention poetry and advertising in the same breath. Poetry is universally conceded to be the loftiest attainment of the verbal arts; its merits are attested to by the wise of all ages. Advertising, on the other hand, is not even an autonomous art; it is the handmaiden of commercial motives; its name carries connotations (well earned, one might add) of... Show more...

Richards's writing on the Humanities in General Education reminds me of Neil Postman's "symbol drain", Cornelius Castoriadis's "Rising Tide of Insignificancy", and S.I. Hayakawa's "Poetry and Advertising." Words have been losing their meanings for a few generations. The lines by Coleridge stuck in my mind, slightly garbled. And I want to remember that China prohibited book indexes until fairly recently (around 1900 or so I guess)…

Trivialization winning the contest with Blasphemy is memorable too.
(Blasphemy: 冒涜, Trivialization: 平凡化、 豆知識化、 つまらなくする、 浅はかなことにする)

The Future of the Humanities in General Education (1947)

by I.A. Richards
Even in that certain hour before the fall, 
Unless men please they are no heard at all. 
             The Fabulists

Among the guests at the at the Conference on the Humanistic Traditi... Show more...


Podcast Advertising: $51,975 Spent. Here’s What We Learned

Don't spend a penny on podcast advertising until you've read this.
Article word count: 3220

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Two Cybercrime Rings and Eight Defendants Indicted for Digital Advertising Fraud

A 13-count indictment was unsealed today in federal court in Brooklyn charging Aleksandr Zhukov, Boris Timokhin, Mikhail Andreev, Denis Avdeev, Dmitry Novikov, Sergey Ovsyannikov, Aleksandr Isaev and…
Article word count: 1669

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If it is allowed or not... I do not care. I am in a different jurisdiction than most anyway.
But it sure is darn funny to see how it is done. There are a couple of neat tricks here...
Marvel at the tricks of the trade in food advertising.

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Why It’s OK to Block Ads (James Williams, 2015)

(...) Arguments against ad blocking tend to focus on the potential economic harms. Because advertising is the dominant business model on the internet, if everyone used ad-blocking software then wouldn’t it all collapse? If you don’t see (or, in some cases, click on) ads, aren’t you getting the services you currently think of as “free”—actually for free? By using ad-blocking, aren’t you violating an agreement you have with online service providers to let them show you ads in exchange for their services? Isn’t ad blocking, as the industry magazine AdAge has called it, “robbery, plain and simple”?

(...) There is no paid version of Facebook. Most websites don’t give you the option to pay them directly. Meaningful governmental regulation is unlikely. And the “attention economy” can’t fix itself: players in the ecosystem don’t even measure the things they’d need to measure in order to monetize our intentions rather than our... Show more...


Tell companies to stop exploiting your data!

Step 1: Click on the links [got to webpage; link at bottom of this post] to use a pre-written data deletion request email or copy the text manually.

Step 2: Read our What to Expect and FAQ.

Step 3: Get these companies' attention on social media!

If you're based outside of the UK and are interested in replicating this project in your own country, Image/Photo.

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How hustle culture took over advertising

Hustle is everywhere, but it isn’t just hard work -- it’s showing that you’re working hard.

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"Do Not Track" Switch Ineffective, According to Gizmodo

According to this Gizmodo post, the "Do Not Track" switch you might have seen in your browser settings is nothing but a placebo. You might have enabled it with the hope that it might be honored, but nobody -- not Google, not Facebook, nobody at all gives a shit about whether you want to be tracked or not.

Sites you visit will track you whether you want them to or not, unless you do the following:

* Block cookies
* Block ads
* Block JavaScript

You should understand, however, that blocking cookies and JavaScript will break much of the commercial Web and render most web apps nonfunctional. You may have to add exceptions for sites you need to use despite their contempt for your right to be left alone.

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Advertising and Children

Sweden's Radio and TV Act has banned ads directed at kids from the first day that commercial television was allowed in the country on July 1, 1991. The ban was based on research that indicates children can't fully distinguish between advertising and programming until about age 10. (1)

“Sweden is showing how individual governments can act to protect children from commercial exploitation,” says Alvin Poussaint, M.D., Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and Director of the Media Center at Boston’s Judge Baker Children's Center. Dr. Poussaint will present the Inspirational Leadership Award on behalf of Stop Commercial Exploitation of Children, a coalition of more than 20 national and regional organizations working on behalf of children. (3)

Susan Linn, director of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, questions the very nature of child marketing. "There's no moral, ethical, or social justification for marketing any product to children," she says. "Advertising healthier foods to children is
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Sequentiality of Slide Format

From Edward Tufte's Beautiful Evidence on slideware's Power Point :
With information quickly appearing and disappearing, the slide transition is an event that attracts attention to the presentation's compositional methods. Slides serve up small chunks of promptly vanishing information in a restless one-way sequence. It is not a contemplative analytical method; it is like television, or a movie with over-frequent random jump cuts. Sometimes quick chunks of thin data may be useful (flash-card memorizing), other times not (comparisons, links, explanations). But formats, sequencing, and cognitive approach should be decided by the character of the content and what is to be explained, not by the limitations of the presentation technology. The talk that accompanies PP slides may overcome the noise and clutter that results from slideville's arbitrary partitioning of data, but why disrupt the signal in the first place? And why should we need to recover from a technology that is supposed to help our presentations?

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Habe mir Sticker drucken lassen, um Werbung für Diaspora* zu machen und meinen Autoschriftzug zu vervollständigen.
Gerne zum nachahmen / teilen empfohlen.

Hinweis: Dieser Sticker leitet auf

Als SVG-Grafik bist die hier:


Advertising Stupefication

1890's nonpropositional slogans

… not until the end of the nineteenth century did advertising move fully into its modern mode of discourse. As late as 1890, advertising, still understood to consist of words, was regarded as an essentially serious and rational enterprise whose purpose was to convey information adn make claims in propositional form. Advertising was… intended to appeal to understanding, not to passions. This is not to say that during the period of typographic display, the claims that were put forward were true. Words cannot guarantee their truth content. Rather, they assemble a context in which the question, Is this true or false? is relevant. In the 1890's that context was shattered, first by the massive intrusion of illustrations and photographs, then by the nonpropositional use of language. For example, in the 1890's advertisers adopted the technique of using slogans. Presbrey [ The History and Development of Advertising ] contends that modern advertising can be said to begin with th
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For thinking about textbooks

Secondary elements are "..grids, meshes, rules, underlines, frames, boxes, compartments, codes, legends, highlights… fills defining areas and surfaces"
— Edward Tufte Visual Explanations 1997: 74

Figure-Ground : Gestalt, Narrative and Health
the Greeks were in many ways psychologically and socially healthier than we. They write with a sharp foreground against an empty background because this is un-nuerotic perception; a good Gestalt has an empty background undisturbed by repression.
— Paul Goodman Utopian Essays and Practical Proposals 1962: 240
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