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Extensions in #Firefox 66 "using #Adblock Plus as an example, shows the significant performance improvements that extension users could see."
Extensions in Firefox 66


etc/hosts: Easy way to deny a lot of Facebook, Google, Youtube tracking (and another!) services


Just insert this block to your /etc/hosts.

Attention: every new string must start with " ", for example: (etc.) 
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Ad-Blocker für Safari

So, habe mal die alten Ad-Blocker #Adblock, #Adblock Plus und #Ka-Block deaktiviert und deinstalliert.
Nun teste ich gerade mal #AdGuard for #Safari. #Apple hat ja irdenwas an der Browsertechnik verändert, so dass alte Ad-Blocker nicht mehr richtig funktionieren. Das habe ich gemerkt :-( Als absoluter Werbungsverweigerer fällt mir sowas natürlich sofort auf.



Why It’s OK to Block Ads (James Williams, 2015)

(...) Arguments against ad blocking tend to focus on the potential economic harms. Because advertising is the dominant business model on the internet, if everyone used ad-blocking software then wouldn’t it all collapse? If you don’t see (or, in some cases, click on) ads, aren’t you getting the services you currently think of as “free”—actually for free? By using ad-blocking, aren’t you violating an agreement you have with online service providers to let them show you ads in exchange for their services? Isn’t ad blocking, as the industry magazine AdAge has called it, “robbery, plain and simple”?

(...) There is no paid version of Facebook. Most websites don’t give you the option to pay them directly. Meaningful governmental regulation is unlikely. And the “attention economy” can’t fix itself: players in the ecosystem don’t even measure the things they’d need to measure in order to monetize our intentions rather than our... Show more...


Adblock filter rule list modified politically in Finland

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"Do Not Track" Switch Ineffective, According to Gizmodo

According to this Gizmodo post, the "Do Not Track" switch you might have seen in your browser settings is nothing but a placebo. You might have enabled it with the hope that it might be honored, but nobody -- not Google, not Facebook, nobody at all gives a shit about whether you want to be tracked or not.

Sites you visit will track you whether you want them to or not, unless you do the following:

* Block cookies
* Block ads
* Block JavaScript

You should understand, however, that blocking cookies and JavaScript will break much of the commercial Web and render most web apps nonfunctional. You may have to add exceptions for sites you need to use despite their contempt for your right to be left alone.

#web #advertising #tracking #surveillancecapitalism #spyware #javascript #adblock #cookies


When you look through the lenses, the screens just go black. Plus, they double as sunglasses that look like the ones from the movie.

IRL Glasses are in beta. This means they are compatible with most TVs (LCD/LED) and some computers (LCD/LED). IRL glasses do not yet block smartphones or digital billboards (OLED).

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