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Chernobyl now: 'I was not afraid of radiation' – a photo essay | The Guardian

Photographer Tom Skipp visited Chernobyl and nearby Pripyat, its replacement town Slavutych, and the abandoned sites of the region – meeting the people behind the disaster: from the liquidators who worked at the fallout site, to the resettlers and the community who live and work in the area now
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Fukushima Mon Amour…50+ Patents to reduce Radioactivity… Keep Liquid Nitrogen & Dry CO2 handy to smother the Fire,shock-cool the Corium,and form Nitrides and Carbonates (It worked @ Chernobyl-- but Tepco-Yakuza would rather save face than Life, so tough faeces, Japan-Pacific Ocean-Earth – from Magna BSP-Mossad-Stuxnet-NSA-Illuminazi-General Electric with Hate & Omnicide ! )
Here are several dozen methods to reduce the radioactivity of Nuclear Waste :
( # 1 ) “Brown’s Gas” –
Proven to reduce nuclear radiation up to 96% within minutes :
"… Directing the flame at Cobalt-60 radiation was reduced by 70% in the sample… Directing the flame at Americium the radiation was reduced 96%…"

Aug 24,1991,China’s Baotou Nuclear Institute released a Report # 202,“The Results of Experiment... show more

History, revisionism or just propaganda in #chernobyl ™?
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After Chernobyl : The Nuclear Suicide Squad....In 1986 Professor Sir Frederick Warner created Volunteers for Ionising Radiation, a platoon of over-65s who would help in a British nuclear disaster
Professor Sir Frederick Warner (born 31 March 1910; died 3 July 2010) was a leading authority on chemical risk management and nuclear safety. He led the first international team into the ruins of the Chernobyl nuclear plant in Soviet Ukraine. On April 26 1986, accidental explosions at Reactor 4 threw up a cloud of radiation stretching from Ukraine to Scandinavia. The disaster killed many and damaged thousands of lives. The USSR’s response was deeply flawed. Thousands of ill-equipped workers were sent in to fight the fires and bury the reactor. They were exposed to lethal levels of radiation. Contaminated farm produce was harvested, repackaged and sold as fit for human consumption. Warner wanted the UK to be better prepared. He wa
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#Chernobyl "the site is still hot and as long as the sarcophagus is actively maintained and keeps water out, it won't go off again..." -iophk


The truth about Chernobyl?

I saw it with my own eyes…

Kim Willsher reported on the world’s worst nuclear disaster from the Soviet Union. HBO’s TV version only scratches the surface, she says.
  • A short distance from the power plant, scientists showed us pine saplings grown from seeds from the nearby “red forest” where the trees glowed after absorbing radiation and had to be dug up and buried.
  • The Soviets were not the only ones who lied. France’s authorities hid information about the radioactive cloud over its territory.
  • Hans Blix, then director general of the International Atomic Energy Authority (IAEA)– still accused of minimising the dangers following the catastrophe– released a statement that settlements
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Echoes of #Flint in #Chernobyl there's a monopoly on manslaughter; it's OK when those in power coordinate it (government, military, police, large corporations and so on)
Echoes of Flint in ‘Chernobyl’

Fine mi ekspektos la televidan serion #Chernobyl de #HBO Ĉu vi spektis ĝin? Kion vi opinias pri ĝi?

So the ‘official’ death toll reported by the USSR from the Chernobyl accident is 31?

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Just finished #Chernobyl. Now I feel quite drained. @rpcutts was right. As a TV series, it ranks right up there with Breaking Bad, The Wire and True Detective (S1). Lots of great performances but I thought Paul Ritter was superb.

Think I may watch it again in due course as I feel some scenes/characters passed me by and would benefit from a second viewing.

Anyone who is not freaked out about Trump's appointing ass-kissing, bribing know-nothings to run vital federal government agencies should watch the HBO miniseries Chernobyl. You'll see exactly what happens when you have dunderheads in charge when disaster strikes.
"What is the cost of lies?"
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A beautiful piece of art dedicated to Chernobyl! What an amazing mini series!

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#HBO ’s #Chernobyl miniseries has enraged #Russia ’s state media and pro- #Kremlin 'reporters'. Here’s why they hate it. ... show more

#HBO ’s #Chernobyl miniseries has enraged #Russia ’s state media and pro- #Kremlin 'reporters'. Here’s why they hate it. ... show more

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Chernobyl shines again as a solar farm
If you can't harvest crops, why not harvest the sun?
On April 26, 1986, a dark cloud was cast upon the autonomous city of Pripyat and Chernobyl Raion, a now-vanquished administrative district just south of the Ukraine-Belarus border.
While that figurative darkness will likely never fully dissipate, the sun itself has never stopped shining on the 1,000-square-mile area known as the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, which is mostly forgotten except for the occasional news about surprising, four-legged residents looking for a new home. And now, more than 30 years after one of the worst nuclear power plant accidents in history transformed a huge swath of north-central Ukraine and beyond into a radioactive wasteland, the Ukrainian government is taking advantage of that abundant sunshine and transforming it into a source of clean energy...

OMFG! I just disoverd HBO has a new super awesome (drama) series called Chernobyl!

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Way back when I was a kid, I got interested in Chernobyl. A neighbor worked for a nuclear company and got a copy of the official Soviet post-mortem report. Dated 1986 or so.

No CIA there. Not even Soviet politicos. Just normal people trapped in a "cover my ass, don't draw attention" bureaucracy making poor decisions at the wrong time, setting loose a chain reaction.

There was no terrorism. Just normal human stupidity.

I fucking hate it when people try to rewrite history.

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Just finished to watch "Chernobyl". I think everybody should watch this. Definitely recommended.

The widow of a #Chernobyl engineer remembers her husband and describes returning to work at the power plant after the 1986 nuclear accident #ukraine #nucleardisaster

1986 Videos of #Chernobyl Disaster #ukraine #nucleardisaster
1986 Videos of Chernobyl Disaster


Photos From the 1986 Chernobyl Disaster

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Sounds like a good one!


If I ingest a grain of sand size piece of the Chernobyl Reactor No.4 core

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#Chernobyl, higher ass per chapter density than #Game of Thrones.

Nuclear power and lessons of #chernobyl #ukraine #hbo


They Fictionalize Nuclear Disasters Like Chernobyl Because They Kill So Few

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#chernobyl #HBO ’s hit miniseries is ending, and here’s how its characters compare to their real-life counterparts


Scene report from the Chernobyl Zone

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Very high risk (see #chernobyl #fukushima etc.) and little financial benefit
France’s nuclear industry struggles on

The number of people who died prematurely due to #chernobyl is the subject of open debates. As for #fukushima it's also quite bad. The impact radius (for #cancer etc.) is vast.

Nuclear power has nuclear consequences. #chernobyl disaster may have killed more than the two atomic bombs dropped on #hiroshima and #nagasaki combined.

Hlavní důvod, proč byl Černobyl taková tragédie, spočíval v tom, že režim nechtěl zpochybnit svou neomylnost. Když totiž uvěříte, že je nějaká ideologie neomylná, a je jedno, jestli jde o komunismus, náboženství nebo cokoliv jiného, pak musíte potlačit všechno, co tu údajnou neomylnost ohrožuje nebo zpochybňuje. Musíte okamžitě začít lhát. V dnešní době, kdy se čím dál víc zpochybňují exaktní vědy a tvrdá data, je nutné si to připomínat.
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Two articles on 33rd anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster

One in English, one in German

1. RTÉ:

Today’s event at the United Nations will be co-hosted by the Irish Ambassador to the UN Geraldine Byrne-Nason and will be addressed by Adi Roche of Chernobyl Children International.

There will be a screening of the TV drama at today’s commemoration and some of the cast and crew are due to attend the ceremony.

There are estimates that thousands more later died directly or indirectly as a result of exposure to the radioactivity but there are no agreed statistics on the total number of lives lost.

2. Deutschlandfunk:

„Diese Cäsiumbelastung rührt noch von dem Fallout 1986 her, als die radioaktiven Wolken sich regional ausgere
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#Chernobyl ’s Deadly Effects Estimates Vary "Minister of Health Andrei Serkyuk estimated in 1995 that 125,000 people had already died from the direct effects of Chernobyl’s radiation"
Chernobyl’s Deadly Effects Estimates Vary

#Chernobyl ’s legacy imperils many thousands
Chernobyl’s legacy imperils many thousands

This #Video #Game Allows You to #Drive #Around the #Real #World #Copy of #Chernobyl

Isotopium Chernobyl allows players to explore a real-world scaled-down model of the Chernobyl wasteland. Here's a sneak peek of Draegest's video.

- #Chernobyl #Nuclear #Site #Hosts #First Ever #Art #Event Since #Disaster

Multimedia art event, ARTEFACT, invited guests to party among the glorious disheveled ruins of the Chernobyl disaster..