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I am very political, but I tend to be reluctant to post about politics, both for privacy-related reasons and because of my social anxiety.

I will say I'm some sort of leftist, though. Also, I tend not to get along with people who think of themselves as apolitical, because certain behaviors are inherently political. I think most people who describe themselves as apolitical just don't really understand what the politics they support are, and are also apathetic about politics, neither of which I find to be very compatible traits with my personality.
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I have no idea how the interface works here, lol. Still figuring that out.
Friendica interface
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Gonna learn more about Friendica. I wish the default theme didn't flash after various actions. It's very jarring on my eyes. I really, really like the large max word count here though.

Recently I have made phone calls to ask questions about paperwork without having to spend days preparing myself to do so. It's amazing.

I am perhaps unusually confident for a person who has suffered lifelong social anxiety, so I have to frequently remind myself that a.) I'm not always right and b.) even when I am, my knee-jerk reaction to disagreement is probably not the best. At the same time, I believe that nothing is inherently certain and confidence is no indicator of correctness. So I do question and doubt myself at times, it's just that I also question and doubt others for these same reasons.

I want to improve at socializing, but instead of having to compensate for low self-esteem, I have to compensate for an overly large ego. At the same time, while my tendency to value myself is high, I tend to assume, perhaps incorrectly at times, that the value other people place on me is very low. On the one hand, this means my reaction to someone actually demonstrating that they don't value me is 'disappointed, but not surprised', but it's obviously bad for my relationships and I think that's something I need to work on improving.


An Intro to Me

For my first post, I thought I'd just introduce myself. I used to post mostly on Tumblr until the Tumblr Purge. I decided I didn't want to deal with Tumblr's weird arbitrary TOS changes and their capricious and highly inaccurate AI enforcers anymore, so I started to look for other sites to post on. I really like the decentralization concept of Mastodon, but I prefer a max word count on posts that makes it easier to write essays so that I can indulge my tendency to ramble on profusely.

I am a fanfic author for Legend of Zelda and Star Wars over at and Archive of Our Own under the same username as here. I enjoy writing, math and science, among other things.
about me intro
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Welcome to Nerdica and the #Fediverse!

It's more easy to get started when you use lots of hashtags, such as #newhere or hashtags related to your interests.

Hi! Ah, thanks! I surely will use more hastags in the future, but I'm more interested in using hashtags for filing and post relevance purposes than just because I mentioned something in a post. I am in fact new here to Friendica, though, so that is accurate! I do have a bit of familiarity with the Fediverse, though, since I've been on Mastodon for a few months now. I think the decentralized architecture of the Fediverse is a great idea. Helps prevent the single-point-of-failure issue so many other social media sites have.

@Unspeakable Horror You can file posts into folders, I believe, and there are also separate "categories" you can use. Folders I haven't tested, but seem to be like bookmarks. Categories allow searching your blog for topics. Tagging allows posts to be shared across the Fediverse.

Oh? I have a lot to figure out, then!