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First Friendica post

I have no idea what I am doing yet. But I wanted to briefly introduce myself. I am a retired computing and network person from NMSU at Alamogordo. I also taught there part time. My other big passion was motorcycles. That is, until 2003 when I crashed my 1500cc Vulcan.

I have a number of mobility and health issues resulting from that crash. The head injury is what really hurt me. I have short term memory difficulties, concentration loss, loss of patience, and other thinking difficulties making me unable to perform my duties.

Now, I am retired and disabled. But in good spirit. I try to keep social with involvement in a progressive political activist group, Justice Alliance and playing dominoes at the apartment complex's recreation area.

I could go on and on and ... as you'll see if you visit my profile. But I said brief. Done.

BTW I do have a community forum called !Progressive Refuge you can connect with :)

Oh and if you haven't seen this resource yet, here is a place to search nodes