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Pioneering a new social network can be lonely

As we slowly migrate from the corrupt halls of twitter and facebook, it's like moving out to the country again - where you might only see someone once a week as you come to town for groceries. Stay strong and stake a claim for the future.
social networking

Yes, that's kind of positive and negative at the same time.
Negative: you need to connect to everyone yourself and convince your friends to follow
Positive: you have full control over your contacts, no ads, no promoted tweets, etc...

Excited to see a way out of Facebook

I have been waiting for a long time to find an alternative to Facebook lock in. I just want a place I can use to talk to family and connections. This certainly seems promising. The network effect will take a long time to kick in...

Yeah, but I think this node is well-connected and gathers some traffic, so this shouldn't be an issue if you connect with others that share some interest of you...

Welcome again! :-)