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I'm newhere and would like to introduce myself :)

I'm a traveling software engineer (digital nomad) and currently I'm staying in north Thailand, Chiang Mai. I like free software, python programming language, photography and general learning.
Currently I'm reading "The Economy Book" from "Big Ideas Simply Explained" to educate myself a bit on the world of economy.

I'm also interested in writing and reading horror literature, my favorite author is Stephen King. To add to that I love doom and stoner metal but I also enjoy few electronic music genres such as vaporwave or synthwave/outrun.

I've used free social media platforms before but it's my first time of giving friendica a go. So far my favorite are diaspora* and mastodon. I've used a lot and even contributed code but I found the community to be very extremist and founders to be completely incompetent to the point where they threatened to sue me for writing a bot framework to mirror rss feeds.

A bit of a long intro but I'd like to make it up for it with 3 great floss websites I've d... show more
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yes very true
and Firefox/ Chrome are considering the next browser position to ramp it up even further "against" http sites, I wonder what got them started in this "war"

I think http is just pointlessly insecure so phasing it out where possible makes perfect sense.
What I'd like to see instead is more work being done with securing javascript - the amount of access some browser language has to your machine is insane. It's so easy to abuse the power javascript gives you.

An example of that please?