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# #, 300W, 15km range, 25km/h top speed, max load 100kg, min age 14 recommended, loading station and remote included,
for #. First come first serve ;)
can you post a picture of your board @Daniel Wagner ??
I am lazy... look here:
it is the same, just more dirt on the griptape, lol



Dieser ochentwickelte Android-Mech-Kampfroboter, der aufgrund einer Malware, die sein Power Management stört so viele Systeme runterfahren muss, dass er kaum noch laufen kann -
- das ist die ultimative Antwort auf die Frage, wie es mir geht. Er innert mich bitte daran, das der Amtsärztin mitzuteilen, mein Gedächtnis ist nicht mehr so gut :)


Happy Sunday

Found a sparrow while feeding the chickens... there it sat on top of a box and did not move except wearily blinking... such a beauty, such suffering again... I tried to animate it to fly away - there are other things I need to care about on a sunday morning, - but it did not move except blinking. So I took it. We are going to call the bird-woman later when we reach a civilized point in time.
If you think about it, it is all senseless. There are good reasons to just do not care. But the rules of the parcel tell otherwise. We have to follow the call of our hearts.

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Wanted: Whatsapp Alternative

What do you use as a #whatsapp alternative? I‘d like to kick it as well

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Signal Messenger


Good Morning

I wake up at 5:30 am. I dreamt I lost my trousers and had to steal a skirt. The oven cursed a companion and changed him into a #monster. They were red hot with pincer hands, chasing me around to assimilate me too into their biomechanic symbiosis...

I woke up the #puppy and pushed him into the garden. We had a piss together. When we returned my mate was feeding the #cats. I made breakfast for Amshel and defended the cat food, as I promised.


I started #vaping and had a cup of cold #coffee, so I missed the right moment and the dog left some pooh in the cat toilet.

We went out again, I fed the ladies and the pidgeons. We played a bit.

8 am - returning to bed. Perfect... let‘s see whether I can beat the oven...


Meine Seele hat es eilig


o_O :D

In northern Ethiopia, at 130 meters below sea level, in the hottest valley in the world, there exists a series of pools that look more alien than anything that should rightly be found on Earth.

This is the dangerously beautiful Dallol Volcano, and hydrothermal system, found in the Danakil depression. The highest point of the volcano reaches -48 meters above sea level. Brine pools and acidic liquid spout from the ground, building up salt and sulfuric pillars as temporary geysers build them. Here, not two but three tectonic plates move away from each other, causing the land to sink deeper and deeper, and bringing up minerals from deep within the Earth. In the next few million years, the Red Sea will eventually fill the depression.

The word Dallol, in the language of the Afar people, means disintegration. The Disintegration Volcano.
a series of terraced pools, naturally formed. they are yellow and white and orange, and in the distance a plain of red and grey stone extends until broken by distant mountains
similar terraced pools, but with pillars of salt and sulfur as well. steam rises off of more distant pools.
in this image, the pools shift from a bright, acidic green, to deeper hues of green and blue, and finally to red rocks beyond the pools.
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Welcome @Daniel Wagner from my new account too ;-)