Limerick Game

OK, the rules are simple. Each person posts the next line to a limerick as a comment. And then, ideally, comes back a few days later to see how it went. Once each limerick is finished, the next person who feels inspired can start the next one. It's a simple test to see how well Friendica copes with ongoing discussion threads, in this case using a harmless, humorous subject. Also, it gives me an excuse to put a few tags on my profile and hopefully attract a few readers. You gotta start somewhere.
Tip 1: If you can't think of a good line, don't try too hard to 'force' a bad one. Someone else might come along later and put in something better. So don't stress too much; collaborative humour can be a bit hit or miss. It does take a bit of practice to get your eye in. Also, try to post rhymes that should give the next person more than one option. That maximises the chances for them to find something promising for the next person to follow on to, and so on.
Tip 2: In comments, mark up your move in bold so it stands out a bit.
When he sat on the great Iron Throne

Pff, and you call yourselves nerds?

There doesn't appear to be any Mornington Crescent-related traffic here at all. I am disappoint.
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