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A very good weekend


Hello, Nerdica!

Hello, all! I'm an artist/writer/comicker who makes art and comics. You can check out my website ( for more. I've been pretty active on Mastodon this past year ( as well as Pixelfed ( and I deleted my FB account earlier this year, so I've been interested in trying other social media alternatives.

I honestly don't now how often I'll use this page… the big draw to FB was having all my friends/family there to talk to, and I doubt any of them will join Frendica without tons of prodding. Still, I might use this to make more personal posts and try to get some of my Mastodon friends to join me? Who knows. XD

Also check out my new webcomic, Sam the Chickadee (, a sweet and wholesome comic about a slightly magical chickadee and his friends. It's on a short hiatus right now, but I'll get back to it again in a month or so! And you can still read through the strips I've already posted. :)

I hope you're all well! Thanks for being here!
Ingo, thank you for the kind welcome!

It's been interesting navigating the many different social media alternatives these last few months… I really do like Friendica a lot, feature and usability-wise! I'll stick around a little while and see what I can make of it. I do really like the ability to follow RSS feeds as well as Diaspora feeds and whatnot!