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Fidian - Fidonet Setup for Debian

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Some sort of #retrocomputing: using #Fidonet these days! ;)

Yes, there is still a Fidonet and it is still alive. One recent life sign is "Fidian", a script to configure #binkd (mailer), #husky suite (tosser) and #GoldEd (reader).

You can find it in the Fidopedia on (in German only) or on the authors site (in English).

See you in Fidonet! (I'm 2:2452/413) ;-)

Puuuf, long time ago since I used Fidonet, but I want to come back to it.

Great news! Drop me a NM when you're back or a message over here if you have some kind of problems! :)

Fidonet - EMSI vs binkd

!Retrocomputing Forum

Oh my... I'm currently thinking about getting my #Fidonet mailbox online again with my #Amiga...

Problem is:
Back then in the 90s I used GMS as my Fidonet mailer with my modem and ISDN lines. This worked really well - until 31.12.1999 23:59.59.
In fact the y2k bug hit GMS and effectively killed my mailbox, because I was not at home for weeks and months to switch back to TrapDoor that I have had used before GMS.

Two years ago I joined Fidonet again as node 2:2452/413, but this time running on #Linux. Fidonet nowadays runs on top of the Internet and mostly uses binkd for connecting. Back then when modems where used the main protocol was EMSI.

There is an amibinkd port, but this is... show more

Wow, that brings back memories. Back in the late 80's, I wrote a mail tosser (MailStorm) for Paragon BBS / MEBBS, as well as early versions of AmigaTick. I handed them over to my brother, he kept the BBS running for a few more years when I went off to university. We were on Fidonet at 1:268/106. He is big into Amiga retrocomputing. I gave him all my remaining Amiga gear a few years back. I'll have to check with him, he might know some Amiga enthusiasts who are still on Fidonet.

I can confirm that UUCP over SSH works nicely still.