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From 01/17 to 01/24 # will be fully free on the Playstore.

The idea is to attract some people to the Fediverse. During this time, don't forget that you can invite people by using the app. There is an easy step by step to create an account with it.
If your instance allows registrations, you can click on "Send an invitation".
That will automatically create a text that you can share through several apps.
Here are indications once the message is sent.
The link will automatically open the registration page for the instance.


Sorry everyone for the slowness today. We introduced some database query optimizations yesterday which sped up the loading of profile streams by . Unfortunately the same change introduced a regression into the streams caching and has caused us to run approx an hour behind with background tasks during today.
Regression has hopefully now been fixed, catching up on incoming payloads and other tasks 👩🔧a huge factor


Hey world, what do you think about #hubzilla / #zap? A very good idea with a very old school and non-attractive visual experience IMHO.

Max doesn't like this.