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Sorry everyone for the slowness today. We introduced some database query optimizations yesterday which sped up the loading of profile streams by . Unfortunately the same change introduced a regression into the streams caching and has caused us to run approx an hour behind with background tasks during today.
Regression has hopefully now been fixed, catching up on incoming payloads and other tasks 👩🔧a huge factor

Hey world, what do you think about #hubzilla / #zap? A very good idea with a very old school and non-attractive visual experience IMHO.

I did run a Hubzilla node as well for some time and it was one of the larger one. So, maybe I'm qualified to some degree to comment on your question... I also wrote a blog post about #Friendica, #Hubzilla & #Mastodon:

1) Hubzilla is a all-in-one solution for multiple tasks: WebDAV, CalDAV, websites, blog, etc... this leads to a IMHO confusing concept and settings marathon. If you don't want to deal with many different tools for all the features Hubzilla is offering you, then it might be a good choice. In most cases it will not. YMMV.
2) Mike (the author) appears to me like someone who is reinventing the wheel... show more

Max doesn't like this.

That explains a lot, thanks! Seems having limited resources (in most cases) to develop open source software, the UNIX-way approach (do just one thing, and do it well) works better. Mastodon is a way more simple, but it's got pretty modern UI and a plenty of mobile apps, which no other network has.

Zap definitely sets some high standards, but yeah, I doubt about its future given that self-isolation and being bound to just a single developer. There is Zot8 in development though, and it looks like this is the main focus of the developer, abandoning all the rest Zot-based stuff. I may be wrong in my assumption, this is just my guess so don't rely on what I'm saying. For Zot, I believe what worth is to build a library + language bindings, and an API server. The rest should be decoupled to plugins and the frontend (maybe multiple frontends?), and left to other developers.

Good to know Zap now supports ActivityPub. So that it's not a completely separate island (as well as Hubzilla).

Though for now I believe growing and building community is more important, so having att... show more