Icewind Dale ... today

These days I started playing the pc game Icewind Dale. Again. I played it many years ago and I remembered that I got stuck close to the end not being able to defeat the demon at the showdown (I think is was, though I never got past that point) because my party was not tough enough.
The first thing that I realized when starting all over again (I bought the new "enhanced edition") was, that it uses AD&D rules. I played AD&D only a few times with friend and I probably had more experience with AD&D playing computer games. I had to start character generation about half a dozen times. Not because you generate a party of six heroes (so I probably generated 36 heroes) but because the rules are damn complicated and I still don't really know how most of the stats work. Neverwinter Nights as well as (my most beloved) Knights of the Old Republic use D&D 3 rules and even though I also only played a few tabletop sessions with these rules they seem way more easier to grasp.
After a few hours of playing my party is more or less at level 3. XP is not distributed evenly since kil... show more
Fantastic game! Also the whole baldur's gate series.
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