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Hahahahahahaha :blobjoy: I wish I had Mr/Ms Nakamoto's bank balance! :blobastonished:

Thanks for the kind words :blobaww: but the truth is really boring really, I'm just very worried by what's happening politically.

A big part of the problem seems to be completely amoral surveillance industries (FB, Google, Microsoft etc), I want to do whatever I can to stop them, and help anyone who is trying to offer better alternatives.

I love the Wordpress software and hate The biggest mistake I made was going from to You end up paying more, but you get less. I get access to the WP community feed which is great, but they want to charge up to 3 times more for plugin access, which I soon discover after the 30 day refund policy, was more important then I thought. I should have stayed with self hosting.

Monday at 2pm pst is Mental Health Topic day for my live stream at where I try to create discussions around mental health.

The topics will be... "Forgiveness for others and ourselves.", "Is your inner voice your friend?", and "What are your favorite simple things that bring you joy throughout each day?"

If you have any thoughts, or stories about either of these subjects, please either reply here or in DM if you want to keep anonymity, and I'll read them for my show.

I hate being like this.


I have issues.

I come from a very argumentative family. We would yell and argue and debate each other and we weren’t always kind about it. Because of this, I learned to argue aggressively and this sometimes can come off as me being a “know it all” or someone who “always has to be right” which is the furthest thing from being true.

I love being wrong. Being wrong to me, is an exciting opportunity to learn. The problem is in convincing me that I am wrong. I wont just accept your opinion. If you can’t show me how I’m wrong using rational discussion, I don’t accept it. I’ll turn your argument around, show you what it actually is, and throw it right back in your face. This is how I was raised, and it’s not good. I come off as way to aggressive, and I know it makes people harbor ill will towards me.

And I hate it. With a pass... show more

I want to back away from Google but can I?

Google. Where do I start?

My first introduction to google besides the search engine was email. I jumped on when it was in beta and the only way you could join was to be invited. I dove deep into the google infrastructure through the years. G-mail, Google+, YouTube, Google ads, Google Hangouts, Google search, Google Chrome, Google Chromecast, Google Photos, Google Drive, and Google Home.

Recently though, I’ve been feeling the need to pull away from using web services from large corporations. Hence my fascination with the Fediverse. This has lead me to re-examine my dependency on Google, and what I might be able to do to lessen it.

Now, I haven’t used Google+ in years, nor Google ads, nor Google Hangouts. So I don’t have to worry about them. Here are the ones I’m dealing with…


I have 3 G-mail accounts. One for signing up for, whatever, and the other two are just normal email accounts. I don’t do a ton of emailing anymore. These days it’s just to get notifications about things like renewals, orders, and... show more