Getting ready to watch final episode of Nightflyers on SyFy channel 👽💃✌🏻

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I haven't been keeping up on Syfy. Never even heard of Nightflyers

I Think..Pink??


Being a Cosmotologist for over 20 years , my hair has seen many styles, cuts and colors in that time. Never have I done anything really out of character like shave my head or dye my hair an unconventional shade..until recently. It all started with a photo editing application I downloaded to make this years digital holiday cards.
After spending time creating my Christmas cards with PhotoLab software, I have been considering dying my hair magenta for the New Year. I can't decide whether I really like how it looks or if I am just liking the contrasting look of the 'hot pink' against the dark display theme of my pluspora , mastodon and Friendica accounts. LOL That's why I am reaching out to all of you for your input. Should I do it?
I've basically gone through my entire digital photo collection and dyed all my friends and family's hair to see what THEY would look li... ver más
Well, you asked for it... ;-)

Unconvential colors can look good, at least sometimes, but I think it also depends of which type of a person you are as well. When you are more a conservative type in clothing and such an unconvential color might look odd or not matching. Of course this can be on purpose to break some rules or whatever.
For example, some people dye their hair in rainbow colors. This is looking great, sometimes (in social media at least), but I'm not sure how it looks for a longer period of time and in real life.
From that PhotoLab picture I can't tell, because the image is too comic-esque. Maybe a more realistic picture would convince me, but I think I would recommend to stay with a more convential shade of color.
When you have a really good hairdresser, you can always ask her/him about the color. If the hairdresser is really good s/he might disadvice or recommend a different color that suits you even better - or not recommend to dye at all.

So, yes, some... ver más
Ingo, thank you for your feedback. Actually, I am a hairdresser myself and will be doing the color myself. The fashion bright colors like pink, etc are temporary and don't last more than a few shampoos. I have more than half my natural roots grown in which are mostly white as I am in my 40's and started to go gray at age 24! I also have a colorful personality but have been a bit depressed lately due to some personal tragedies in my life.
You bring up a good point about conservativeness. I am going to be looking for another part time job soon and perhaps a fashion color may not be suitable. Definitely something to think about. I just may give it some additional thought and just go with the medium brown to cover the gray for now until I am better decided. Thanks for the feedback. That's exactly what I expect when I put myself out there for feedback. LOL Thank you again. :)
Yes, go Magenta.

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Ah surreal stuffs...I can watch them for hours

Sometimes it takes a bit longer than expected but eventually there is peace.


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