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Unconvincing apology

Judge says singer’s work was ‘designed to spitefully offend in as grotesque manner’ as she’s convicted of three charges
“Alison Chabloz has dedicated herself over the course of years to inciting others to hate Jews, principally by claiming that the Holocaust was a hoax perpetrated by Jews to defraud the world. She is now a convicted criminal This verdict sends a strong message that in Britain, Holocaust denial and antisemitic conspiracy theories will not be tolerated”.


River Thames

you can still go to this place today , it hasn't changed much


Paradroid, Commodore 64

wow, this video is the Ultimate Paradoid tribute to Andrew Braybrook who wrote the game back in 1985
the game played without any SAVE function (on the mini C64 all games included have SAVE)


Fab Four

my auntie Phyllis got me this record way back when I was just growing up


Eurohamer web site

do you like I like their review of the new game coming out DETROIT but their whole website is pretty cool, what do you think?
I can't figure out how to edit the tile, never mind
I can't figure out how to edit the title, or the posts never mind