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#game #Minetest
Recently I'm absorbed in Minetest. It's a fascinating game in free open source. I have much fun by building, mining, and surviving.
Thanks to for recommending.

Minetest is available on many platforms.
There is a little trick:
The game data can be sync on those devices if I use Syncthing. For example, I download many mods on the PC1 (Windows 10), and it can be sync to my Android phone and PC2(Linux). The same that the saved data can be sync.

My sweet home. 😘

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First Sight with Puppy Linux

It's amazing! Puppy Linux is straightforward for newbies to use.
The graphic-interface is convenient to accustom from the Windows series. I love this operating system.
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#linux #puppylinux #xenialpup Computer
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as a plus, it is also free of #systemd

puppy is one of the most customisable distros in history. there are countless ways to create your own version of it. it is ridiculously easy to make your own package for it. heres one i made a few years ago:

Cool. I may try this out on my old notebook, that used to run on Win 7 (notebook version, that is)


Steam Summer Sale 2019

Steam's summer sale, I'm confused what I should buy or just pass it for saving my money. 😵
I might buy these games. Still considering.
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  學語言和運動也是遇到同樣的狀況,期望自己有進步,可是帳面上的成績數字就... show more

Jun 25
My Birthday
Tue 12:00 AM
Jinny Seesaw
Happy Birthday to myself. 🎉 🎂

Jinny Seesaw attends.





  在遊戲中稱兄道弟,關掉... show more
Diary Thoughts
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# #HongKong #8bit #pixelart 8-bit Politics
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Bistro 2 (1999)

It was a memorable retro game in my childhood.

#retrogame Game

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Publish Delayed

It seems that I still need more days (above 1 or 2 weeks) to finished the sence 3-3.
#Unlight #Fanfiction #schedule

#Unlight #Fanfiction #schedule Fanfiction
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YNWA!!! Champion Liverpool!!!

@LFC: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

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May 26
Lifeline: Taylor's Birthday
Sun 12:00 AM
Jinny Seesaw

May 18
Lifeline: V. Adams Activated Date
Sat 12:00 AM
Jinny Seesaw


ๆœ€่ฟ‘้–ฑ่ฎ€้›ป่…ฆ็Žฉ็‰ฉๆ–‡็ซ ็š„ไธ€ไบ›็œๆ€



Exclusive: "More Data": Negativland's video short about data privacy and surveillance

  當Google、Facebook等企業獨大而不之饜足時,為了獲利... show more
# #opensource #privacy #DeleteGoogle Privacy Thoughts
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Fallout Shadow Disc. 12 Has been finished!

Disc.12 牢籠裡的奇蹟

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#Fallout #Fanfic #Fanfiction Fanfiction
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獲選者的過去>>>"雖然無從得知是不是被強迫的.....",在剛剛看見這樣隱晦的敘述,然後與"人口販子"這個名詞做個連結,心裡有一種直覺性的毛骨悚然.......再繼續... show more

生命,精神,靈魂也似乎就分崩離... show more


Still Writing Chapter 12 of Fallout Shadow

Since today I have written down 1729 characters for chapter 12, I think it has been half of progress.
#Fallout #Fanfic #Fanfiction

#Fallout #Fanfic #Fanfiction Fanfiction
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Thanks to add my blog. XDD
And I found that my English is terrible.Because I can't express what I say.
My final conclusion>>>
Heavens !
I'm willing to start all over again.

m(_ _ )m


China has now blocked all access to all editions of Wikipedia.

Just heard that China has now blocked all access to all editions of Wikipedia. Apparently Turkey has done this too.

Fortunately, there's an app called #Kiwix which lets people download, browse and search the whole of Wikipedia (and many other wikimedia sites) entirely offline on their computer or phone.

You can follow them here:


Their official website is here:

(Thanks to @Khrys for the China news)

#Alternatives #OffTheGrid #Wikipedia



#photography #nature #PixelKnot
#photography #nature #PixelKnot Photography
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