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Diaspora* vs Friendica

I have accounts both on Diaspora* and Friendica. I am unsure of which one I prefer. What do you prefer and why?

P.S. This is being shared via Friendica, and I do not see an option to add a poll.

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Interesting. My tags posted on Friendica do not show up on Diaspora.

Should work. I know that my postings are received on Diaspora from this node.

The festivities for my post don't appear on Diaspora*.

Correction: categories (autocorrect hates me).

Hi, I'm on the Hubzilla network. If I understand correctly, Friendica allows re-editing published posts. The lack of that is the biggest reason I left Diaspora.

From Gmail to ProtonMail

So I have been moving from Google products, due to the recent Facebook privacy issues, and one major change is my Gmail. I use it for a lot of things, but now I am moving from it to ProtonMail, an encrypted, open source, and private mail system.


Good decision to move away from the Big-Data companies to a more decentralized infrastructure!

Have fun!

Thanks! I have been moving more and more away from the almost omnipresent Google. I have never had a Facebook account, and I never used my Google Plus account, but I sometimes posted there, and I needed a replacement. I have moved away from Windows and Google Search a while ago (replacing then with Ubuntu and DuckDuckGo).