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Hubzilla Problems?

Since the last updates (either 3.8 or 3.8.1) federation on my Hubzilla hub on Silverhaze.EU has stopped working. I posted to the Hubzilla Support and Developer forum in my posting today:

But yet no reaction. So I have to assume that I do only receive zot protocol messages, but not being able to send out. That's why I try this way...

Filtered word: nsfw

Oh. Okay. I am on Diaspora* at and everything is federating.

Yeah, on Friendica as well.. but not on Hubzilla anymore. If there's no solution during weekend, that Hubzilla hub on that subdomain will be shut down. The plan was to do so by the end of the year, but it makes no sense to have a broken hub running until then...

Yes. I don't use it, but I tested it out. I prefer Diaspora* or Friendica to Hubzilla. I got the email about it being shut down.

Ah, ok... yeah, the shutdown might come earlier than planned... ;)

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