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Haters in the Fediverse and how to deal with them?

Yesterday evening I stumbled across this post of Wil Wheaton on my Mastodon instance:

See the thread and the comments of this.

In the first place I trust people, no matter who she or he is, that that person is telling the truth unless the opposite is proven. I know, that's sometimes silly.
So I believe Wil that he did nothing that caused others to complain about him, because I haven't read those postings myself. But what I could read in the comments was some sort of haters that gonna hate no matter what the other side is saying.

Maybe some other fellows do have a deeper inside of this story, until then the presumption of innocence stays valid, even for celebrities.

My question in the first place is:
how should we deal with this kind of issues? From my history of being a sysop of a BBS in the 90s, being a forum moderator in the 2000s and through all the decades as an channel op in several IRC channels, even larger ones, I do have bad feel... show more
#Friendica #haters #hubzilla #mastodon

simply block them (if you're feeling bored, you can try and talk to them first). if they're somewhat okay-ish, block them from your personal stream. if you don't want their content on your server, block them on your entire instance. if they're spreading illegal stuff, block them from your instance and inform their admin.

yeah, exactly this happened to Wil in that case. At least that's how he has descibed the problem. So, the issue is not about blocking random people that misbehaves, but how to deal with a group complaining about an user of your node/hub/instance where you cannot find anything bad from him. Will you give after all those complaints that just need to aim to kick a specific user out, or will you stand with your users and ignore those complaints?

i doubt there are rules for that. so .. do whatever feels right for you?

Hey @Nextclouders! About that new Simple Signon thing: how about a way of using DNS SRV records for mail addresses to automatically find „your“ server?

. @Kachelmannwettr - was ist eigentlich aus dem „Azoren Hoch“ geworden? In den 80/90ern hiess es beim Wetter immer „Das Azoren-Hoch verlagert sich…“, aber seit Jahren ist von den Azoren eigentlich gar nicht mehr die Rede…

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Here’s a #Mastodon invite for those willing to move away from #Twitter:

#Friendica vs #Hubzilla vs #Mastodon

I've been running a #Friendica node for several years now. Some months ago I also started to run a #Hubzilla hub as well. Some days ago I also installed #Mastodon on a virtual machine, because there was so much hype about Mastodon in the last days due to some changes Twitter made in regards of 3rd party clients.

All of those social networks do have their own focus:

Friendica: basically can connect to all other social networks, which is quite nice because there exists historically two different worlds: the Federation (Diaspora, Socialhome) and the Fediverse (GnuSocial, Mastodon, postActiv, Pleroma). Only Friendica and Hubzilla can federate with both: Federation and Fediverse.
Friendicas look&feel appears sometimes a little bit outdated and old, but it works very well and reliable.

Hubzilla: is the second pla... show more
#Friendica #Hubzilla #Mastodon #Friendica #hubzilla #mastodon
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What are those Android clients you quoted? Thank you.

Hmmm... you mean Friendica Android clients? As I don't have Android, I don't give any advises or comment on what's available.
Maybe you should ask !Friendica Support for this...

I asked because of that part:
- Friendica: MySQL/MariaDB, PHP on the server, Clients: some Android clients

What are those Android clients you quoted? Thank you.