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A Gab user replies to the developer of @Fedilab in a thread about censoring Gab in the app.

Such vitriol and hatred compared to the hate-free and well funded arguments from the people who want to block Gab.

I need a bucket for my dripping sarcasm, ultra-hypocricy from totalitarian censorship promoters makes my cup runneth over.

if Google makes you choose, please remove us. I will *never* be able to hold that against anyone. Our presence here does not need to crash the whole Fediverse and it's existing wonderful ecosystem.

This is our fight. You do not have to go down with us. Please remove us if you are forced to choose. Our hope is that some day that could be undone through understanding and patience.

Thank you.

Users getting locked in on non - federated diaspora instance, no account migration tools available.

Can anybody confirm that they've successfully used Friendicas account migration system to hop instances?

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Learned about the #Boeing 737 Max #MCAS system yesterday. It's practically an auto-suicide system, secretly built into the plane by #Boeing without telling the airlines or pilots, based on a single sensor which can malfunction.

Incomprehensibly stupid ideas made by otherwise sensible people have always been a fascination of mine, even if it tends to be a bit on the morbid side due to the unforgiving nature of the laws of nature.