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Frida Kahlo's only known voice recording possibly found in Mexico

National Sound Library of Mexico believes audio is of artist reading from her essay Portrait of Diego during the pilot of radio show El Bachiller


Snail shell

Fotografie photography Schneckenhaus shell snailshell

A little less than 24 hours, I had no access to my account. It had to do with because there were no problems with friendica during that time.
Anyone experienced the same issue?


Prince of Whales issues statement after talks with President Trump

NewsThump: Prince of Whales issues statement after talks with President Trump (Davytoast)

Deepfaking a Zuckerberg video. And so it continues.

And they say consumer tech is decades behind the cutting edge stuff. If we can fake video like this today I wonder when we actually lost the possibility to distinguish fake from real on the TV?

Scary isn't it?


From the horse's mouth to the door to hell: Magnum's images of obsession – in pictures | The Guardian

Magnum photographers choose images on the theme of obsession for the world-renowned agency’s latest square print sale, in which museum-quality prints are available for $100 for a five-day period. More info and see the full collection here

#photography #photojournalism


Lavendel Lavender photo©evaesque


The Village Garden by Amy Levy

Here, where your garden fenced about and still is,
Here, where the unmoved summer air is sweet
With mixed delight of lavender and lilies,
Dreaming I linger in the noontide heat.

Of many summers are the trees recorders,
The turf a carpet many summers wove;
Old-fashioned blossoms cluster in the borders,
Love-in-a-mist and crimson-hearted clove.

All breathes of peace and sunshine in the present,
All tells of bygone peace and bygone sun,
Of fruitful years accomplished, budding, crescent,
Of gentle seasons passing one by one.

Fain would I bide, but ever in the distance
A ceaseless voice is sounding clear and low;--
The city calls me with her old persistence,
The city calls me--I arise and go.

Of gentler souls this fragrant peace is guerdon;
For me, the roar and hu... show more
# AmyLevy lavendel lavender photography poem poetry
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I was born in Heidelberg - vis-à-vis the castle :-)

Guarda "#360°Video: Heidelberg | DW Reise" su YouTube

Heidelberg <3
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# #360°Video #dandelíon castle Germany Heidelberg Schloss


Here we go again...Chemnitz
chemnitz far-right rechtsextremismus stopnazis


Mr #Dawkins started this discussion.... A very dangerous idea IMO! #democracy

I think the RadioLab podcast recently did an episode about "dangerous ideas."

Thank you, Michael, will have a look ....


"Hier beschreibt ein Apotheker, wie manche seiner Kollegen betrügen und bei welchen „Medikamenten“ er vom Kauf abrät."

Keine ahnung wie das in Deutschland ist aber in Holland kann die Apotheke dafur ne rechnung absenden. In Meine erfahrung fragen die mich nur, ist es bekannt wie sie das nehmen sollen?

In einer guten Apotheke in Deutschland wird man beraten über das auf einem Rezept verschriebene Medikament, wie und wann man es einnehmen soll. In einer sehr guten Apotheke wirst Du darauf hingewiesen, dass frei verkäufliche (=die Du selbst bezahlen musst) Pillen und Wässerchen keine Wirkung haben, wenn dem so ist.

takes us inside the largest organ in Chicago.
I wonder who designs and builds instruments like this. That must be an amazingly interesting engineering job. The engineers involved can probably talk about their work for hours.

#music #organ #Chicago #engineering

Very impressive!


Dr John dies at 77
drjohn music musician musik


Experiment Shows Bees Can Understand a Symbolic Language For Mathematics

They're not just busy; they're smart, too! :)

#bees #Mathematics #Biology #Science

Impressive, is it not?

Yes, indeed


Brian Griffin #photography

Inside the surreal mind of Brian Griffin – in pictures | The Guardian

Griffin is known for his striking shots of everyone from Kate Bush and Elvis Costello to Iggy Pop. These early black and white images show why the smartest pop stars sought him out

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