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Glad to see this.

After facing near extinction, mountain gorilla population grows

#mountain gorilla, #species extinction #species recovery
New findings a 'beacon of hope,' though only 1,000 left in the wild


"Do Not Track" Switch Ineffective, According to Gizmodo

According to this Gizmodo post, the "Do Not Track" switch you might have seen in your browser settings is nothing but a placebo. You might have enabled it with the hope that it might be honored, but nobody -- not Google, not Facebook, nobody at all gives a shit about whether you want to be tracked or not.

Sites you visit will track you whether you want them to or not, unless you do the following:

* Block cookies
* Block ads
* Block JavaScript

You should understand, however, that blocking cookies and JavaScript will break much of the commercial Web and render most web apps nonfunctional. You may have to add exceptions for sites you need to use despite their contempt for your right to be left alone.

#web #advertising #tracking #surveillancecapitalism #spyware #javascript #adblock #cookies
Not the first time I've been led down the garden path.


Please take fifteen minutes today and make sure you have a proper backup/emergency kit for your password manager!

If you can, place it offsite.

You’ll thank me later.


RT @BoingBoing: “EPSON is teaching the internet NOT to install security updates,” says Cory @doctorow.

Epson is teaching the internet not to install security updates


> Go concurrency is built on CSP [...] The mantra here is "Do not communicate by sharing memory; instead, share memory by communicating". This is wishful thinking however and cannot be achieved safely in practice.
> As we saw above there is no way in Go to have immutable data structures. [...] once we send a pointer on a channel, it's game over: we share mutable data between concurrent processes.

WHAT!! No. Effing. Way.


The Fantasy Makers is out!

Just a friendly reminder to #fantasy fans that #TheFantasyMakers is out now. It's a documentary about #Tolkien, #CSLewis, and #GeorgeMacDonald.

It's on Amazon Prime if you want to stream it.