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Quote of note:

"In the halls of justice, Lenny Bruce warned us, the only justice is in the halls. And at least as far as the Trump Justice Department (William Barr, Proprietor) is concerned, it's not even there."

Via There's No Justice in William Barr's Department

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Quote of note:

"This is what [Donald Trump] doesn’t understand. He isn’t just threatening the lives of millions of Iranians. He is destroying our national honor, he is destroying what makes America, America. We are the beacon of good not the shadow of bad." -- Rueben Gallego, Iraq War Veteran and Member of Congress for Arizona's 7th Congressional District


Background: Trump’s threat to bomb Iran ‘cultural’ sites is personal for Iraq War vets in Congress

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A fun read...

Russian disinformation network said to have helped spread smear of U.S. ambassador to Ukraine

"...a social media analysis firm, Graphika, has traced those posts to a Russian disinformation campaign
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