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Despite being free software, Mastodon as a project takes a hardline stance against nazis

The covenant has been added approx. one month ago so that for the first time in Mastodon's history, our project could make "no nazis" a part of our branding.
dont bullshit, there are plenty of non-nazis you take a hardline against.

you guys are obsessed with censorship. mastodon isnt “free as in speech,” its “free as in a bunch of teenagers controlling what everyone else is allowed to say.”

of course everyone is ok with you “just censoring nazis.” but thats not what you do-- thats why people say youre bullshitting. because you are. get honest, stop controlling speech-- or stop PRETENDING youre about freedom. youre not. youre about control. just as much as facebook or twitter. oh, except youre distributed-- so what? youre still all running on the same ridiculous policies. youre not about freedom of any kind. #mastodon #freeasincensored #federationisbullshit