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Quote of note:

"In the halls of justice, Lenny Bruce warned us, the only justice is in the halls. And at least as far as the Trump Justice Department (William Barr, Proprietor) is concerned, it's not even there."

Via There's No Justice in William Barr's Department

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Quote of note:

"This is what [Donald Trump] doesn’t understand. He isn’t just threatening the lives of millions of Iranians. He is destroying our national honor, he is destroying what makes America, America. We are the beacon of good not the shadow of bad." -- Rueben Gallego, Iraq War Veteran and Member of Congress for Arizona's 7th Congressional District


Background: Trump’s threat to bomb Iran ‘cultural’ sites is personal for Iraq War vets in Congress

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Margaret and Helen are a national treasure:

"In case you are missing my point, let me spell it out for you. You can’t follow the teachings of Christ while supporting Donald Trump. Nor can you claim to be a Conservative. Those paths don’t just diverge, they were never together to begin with. You could still be a Republican, but honestly why would you? Republicans are idiots.

Ouch. That wasn’t very Christian of me. But, you know what, I’m pretty sure Jesus would think the same about Republicans. And I know for damn sure Jesus would not gladly suffer a Conservative Christian Republican. Even Jesus has his limits."



LOL Article of the day:

"Mind you own business Alexa!

How to keep secrets from your voice assistant".

- Step 1: Do not buy any voice assistant.
- Step 2: There is no step 2.



#disinformation #journalism #sheep
Think ‘Sheep’ before you share to avoid getting tricked by online misinformation

critisizing israel ist not antisemitic. most of the critics are. that's the fucking problem. the most people know nothing about the crimes of hamas and hisbollah, know nothing of the system of pendency from iran oder the gulf states. but critisizing netanyahus far-right gov is no problem, it's important. you can do this without being an antisemitic asshole. it's pretty simple.
the government is the problem not the people of israel


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Meh. 'Today's Republican Party' = 'Not me! I didn't do it!'

But it wasn't a sudden, overnight transformation from lavish carriage to squalid pumpkin attended by rats.

Today's Republican Party grew out of Yesterday's Republican Party.


How the Electoral College Is Tied to Slavery and the Three-Fifths Compromise

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"Should we not have another world cup?"



Instance block

I. Keep getting spam friend requests from fake accounts from Is there any way I can block a whole instance? Looks like the same user keeps making new accounts it’s blatant spam


Just read this quote on Mr T's thoughts on his name on Wikipedia and cried a bit
Well, that will definitely do it! It's sad though that he had to go that far to get the respect he deserves as a human being.



In Brooklyn, @Nextdoor people are up-in-arms against @ICEgov and I'm here for that.



Despite being free software, Mastodon as a project takes a hardline stance against nazis

The covenant has been added approx. one month ago so that for the first time in Mastodon's history, our project could make "no nazis" a part of our branding.
dont bullshit, there are plenty of non-nazis you take a hardline against.

you guys are obsessed with censorship. mastodon isnt “free as in speech,” its “free as in a bunch of teenagers controlling what everyone else is allowed to say.”

of course everyone is ok with you “just censoring nazis.” but thats not what you do-- thats why people say youre bullshitting. because you are. get honest, stop controlling speech-- or stop PRETENDING youre about freedom. youre not. youre about control. just as much as facebook or twitter. oh, except youre distributed-- so what? youre still all running on the same ridiculous policies. youre not about freedom of any kind. #mastodon #freeasincensored #federationisbullshit


Open source android platform

I’m in to androids today anyone know what’s the best open source anthropomorphic robot platform? Boston Dynamics is doing cool stuff


It always feels awkward giving things like this a thumbs up. How would anybody know if I was in the KKK giving it a thumbs up vs just wanting the story to get more push behind it?




I love this

Another plagerism but WTF. If you thought nukes were dangerous, wait till you see what Zuckerberg plans to do with AI. Wait, he's already doing it.


My first post is a plagerism. How do I like this thing?
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