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Supposedly all the hoopla was over a pedophile that worked there. I did a write-up if anybody's interested:

Good write-up.

You are correct. I worked in I.T. in government agencies and public school districts for many years. The things you list are indeed very suspicious.

A cheese pizza take-down happens fast and clean. The I.T. Director and Law Enforcement patiently and quietly set up everything ahead of time like a sniper setting up a kill-shot.

By the day of the arrest, all the evidence has already been secured. The LAST step if for a Network Administrator to lock-out the employee seconds before police arrest them.

The first instant the employee become aware anything is amiss is, ideally, less than one minute before police are standing in their office/classroom/worksite.

Thank you for looking into this. I was curious but did not have time to do the leg-work.

Linking Wordpress to Friendica profile

I noticed my profile settings had the ability to link to Wordpress. It wants an API URL. Should I use the twitter API mentioned in the Wordpress documentation, or is there another I should be using? I couldn't find any other reference in their documentation to a different URL.
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