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Is the English acronym LOL a Dutch invention ... ?

I recently heard someone say that 'LOL' is slowly becoming more of a word than an acronym. The funny thing is : that was already the case in the Dutch language. 'Lol' has been a Dutch word for 'hilarious fun' long before the acronym LOL was ever introduced. This makes me wonder wether the original inventor of the acronym might be Dutch ...
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The coming war on general purpose computing

I was a teenager when general purpose computing (for the consumer) started to develop. Really enjoyed the versatility. Getting very sad and sombre about current developments ...
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Friendica publishes both on Diaspora's network and also Mastodon (aka Activitypub). I'd just post a single #newhere post, and be responsive to any comments or questions. The one thing bots can't do as well as people is interact with people, so do that. Otherwise, post whatever, but try not to post a lot of links that stop us from using this social network.

Thanks for the tips, but your latest reply leaves me slightly confused. I am now following 14 contacts, almost evenly divided between friendica and diaspora. About 99,5 % of their posts contain a link to an article somewhere else on the web, in which the poster took so much of an interest that he/she wanted to present it to his/her followers. Am I supposed to only produce original content, to only present my personal views ?

I think it's fine to post a link every now and then, especially when you maybe comment on why you posted that link and why it is of interest of you. I believe what @cy was intended to say was, that just posting links for the sake of posting something should be avoided. Communication with other people and bringing new opinions to the discussion is more important than "retweeting" the same link over and over again to your contacts (something that I do from time to time as well and I feel guilty right now about it ;-( ).

Yeah I think it's fine to post a link now and again, but it's dangerous, because with all the spam bots doing exactly that I might accidentally ignore your blog, without seeing that you have something substantial to say around here. At the very least, post what you think about the link, why you're posting it, or how it affects you personally. (Not just a quote from it or a summary of it, which bots do.)

Especially dangerous is if you post a link to a picture, without attaching that picture, so we can't see it unless we go to an external website. I see that and I'm like "Nope!"