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Enjoying the new apps and tweaks after upgrading #Xubuntu to #BionicBeaver yesterday ☺

I think Xubuntu is one of the best-configured out-of-the-box desktop distros ever designed. In fact there are other Xfce distros that mimic Xubuntu's default configuration. There's even a Debian-based one, called #Xebian, that offers a Xubu-like experience! Check this out for fun.
I like Xubuntu because of its customisability: I can arrange things exactly how I want them.

I was using Ubuntu till they did Unity, and a bit after—but the interface became too fixed and unchangeable after a point. With XFCE I can rearrange the panel applets and everything, same as I used to do with GNOME. What's more it's also lighter. I've been using Xubuntu since Trusty (16.04), which for me, distro-hopper that I am, is saying something!

And yes, the out-of-the-box configuration is also great! I installed it for my grandfather to replace the slowing-down Windows XP, and he's been using it without any problems.