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Has this matured in the past year or two? I tried it a while back and it seriously messed up my inbox.

I like the idea of using existing (email) protocols – and tbh many of my emails are more or less IM length, anyway – but delta fell short on execution last I checked.

For suere, it is really much better now

I'll give it another try some time. What are best practices to separate chat threads out from "regular" email? I could set up a dedicated delta email account, but I'd think my main email address would be a unique identifier for others to "find" me.

if you start the talk from #deltachat messages will be moved to the DeltaChat folder, otherwise it will be kept in your INBOX because you may want so, Delta Chat is in beta state so things are constantly changing and improving, so please stay tuned! :)


Delta Chat

Delta Chat is a modern messenger. It is like email in a new dress. Just better, safer and user-optimised.

Make use of the numerous features and advantages:
  • Delta Chat is the messenger with the largest userbase in th
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Hello world!

Privacy, huh? Have any public keys?

no, I don't, I care so much that I keep it privately XD