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#DeltaChat, a #messenger like #WhatsApp but #decentralized on top of #email, released version 0.301.1 in #fdroid,
now with a new experimental location streaming feature, a cool dark mode, and a lot of other improvements like app performance and handling of webp files (stickers), and new translations to #Japanese and #Brazilian #Portuguese, bug fixes, etc

I use Delta and I like it, but one major drawback is that it requires IMAP support, which a lot of webmail providers don't offer :(

it is an email client, all email clients need support for IMAP or the now obsolete POP3, I think most decent email providers will offer at least IMAP access, if they want you to only access them using a webmail, well you just have to use Delta Chat with a provider that allow to use an email client, check out: for a list of some providers you can pick,
and if you want to test the app, you can chat with me at