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You can get a cool sticker pack – and a chance to win an exclusive mug – by simply tooting about why you love #LibreOffice, or helping users on our community assistance website! Join the Month of LibreOffice, May 2019:

#LibreOffice is an office suite I can always rely on no matter what platform I use. It'll open any word document I throw at it

#libreoffice is the best office suite ! OpenSource and great community !

I love #libreoffice because of the open format. With other software you need to buy every update and anyway it is not compatible...

#LibreOffice is a healthy way of thinking. User/community first. LibreOffice for the win! 😍

I love #libreoffice since it uses open standards and it's free. And since #odt and its sisters can be used via #colabora in a #nextcloud environment it's the perfect fit for #OpenSource on and offline use....

I love LO because it is an easy door to lead people through to show them the power and beauty of open source. I haven't yet convinced my family to dump Windows for Linux or Facebook for Mastodon, but I've gotten many of them off MS Word. LO made that easy!

I love #LibreOffice because it is based on truly free standards, uses patent-free and open document formats and is therefore future proof for generations to come.

one meme that explains why I love LibreOffice (aside from it being open source):

I love #LibreOffice because of the amazing :fosstodon: community!

LIBRE OFFICE cause unlike Microsoft Office it doesn't track, it is open source and by the way also free. Working for the #community, not a Big Five company ✌️

#libreoffice because it doesn't make any sense to pay for Software you only rent for a year... 😃