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Also, use if you're looking for an easy platform to write these articles on. Please don't use Medium.

#Plume is also nice.

I run an instance at as well. Mine doesn't have very many users but there are a lot of federated posts from and other instances.

Is there one of the two that let write formula in latex and display the comments from Mastodon under the blog post?
I need those two features to consider starting a blog (which will be in French, I am not fluent enough in English for something that complex)

not sure but I'm sure what you want is possible with a little work. Hugo or Jekyll is probably the route. Note that your blog has to be in English to qualify for the reward - I have to be able to read it! I'll help you with editorial feedback and correcting your spelling/grammar mistakes, though.

Why not use Medium, out of curiosity?

it's proprietary and puts your data in the hands of a commercial, user-hostile entity

Ah, crap okay. Didn't know that. Thanks for the heads up.