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The #planet is burning. Why doesn't it make the headlines?

In the #media since the fire started, journalists and specialists have talked about the «disaster», «drama », «tragedy» that happened in #Paris. And while I agree with the global sentiment, I am wondering why human-induced #climate #change is never being spoken of in these terms.
The planet is burning just as #NotreDame was last night, and there are not enough firefighters trying to save it.
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It doen't kill the oligarchs yet.

Notre Dame brings in tourists and their cash. Whales don't. Unless they're dead and you're a restaurant obviously.

But actually the extinction rebellion protest did make headlines: "commerces have lost a cumulative 12 million pounds already".
That's it. That's all that actually matters. I'm losing my sleep now that I know the owner of H&M who doesn't even work in a fucking shop is losing millions. And those other poor guys just a few metres down the street, with all the animals they slaughtered and now they can't even sell their overpriced furry coats. Their shop was empty today, empty I tell you!

Let's stop this protest, they're losing millions as we speak!!

because they think allahaha will save them all

Because media are financed by advertising and advertising is the gas that feeds this fire.