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Here you go, folks. Now's your chance to make a new friend.

Thanks man ... have to start keeping a tab open and add to the hashtatags :)

Yeah, when #newhere folks post on in the Public stream here, a lot of folks will usually Reshare to spread the word a bit. I posted in the middle of the morning, though. Slow time here. It picks up a bit in the evening and the overnights due to time changes from folks all over the world.

It ain' t rocket science, as the saying goes. Neither is it G+, but you'll get the hang of it.

A couple things to remember...

Your default stream here at Pluspora is made up of posts from your Aspects (folks you share with, like G+ Circles) and from your Followed #hashtags. This allows you to fine tune what you see in your personal stream somewhat.

You can also view the Public stream using the menu on the left side of the page. You'll see a lot broader series of topics from a very varied group of posters in that Public stream, though.

Here's a partial list (image) of my Followed #hashtags to give you an idea:

Anyway... snoop around, click some buttons, etc. You won't break anything. Give a holler with #help hashtag and folks will jump in to answer questions you might have.